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How to Generate Leads on Facebook

The majority of small to medium-sized businesses need a Facebook presence to grow their business. In most cases, your audience (meaning potential customers) are spending time there and opportunities exist for you to market and communicate.

We get it...Facebook can  sometimes feel like a waste of time or too big of a world to conquer. But leveraging this network as a business tool to connect with your target audience can really pay off and impact your bottom line.

Here are some of the ways you can use Facebook to generate leads.

Don't Always be Closing


You can't just log into Facebook and spend hours selling your products. It's the marketing equivalent of posting an endless streams of obnoxious selfies.

With respect to businesses, Facebook is about opening up avenues of conversation to learn about your customers, what they want, what they expect from you and letting them learn about your business on a more personal level. 

Generate Leads Directly and Indirectly

direct leads

There are two ways a business can attempt to generate leads:

  • Direct 
    • This is content that links back to your website or a landing page and is optimized and designed to sell. For instance, this is sharing a promotion or testimonial.
  • Indirectly
    •  This means taking a more scenic round and sharing photos, videos, third party content and post in an interesting way that feels natural and not like a sales pitch. The goal is the same as direct, but indirect should compel your audience to engage more in the long run.

Make sure that when you create a social media strategy that you include both direct and indirect selling per network. 

Become a Content Producer


Facebook is all about making and sharing content. You need to create a content schedule and mix it up, alternating between articles, videos and audio. Variety is key to crafting content that can generate leads.

Produce content that is honest, entertaining and something you think your audience would consider sharing. Don't be scared to step outside the box as creativity counts. The internet is filled with an infinite supply of content so you need to stand out.

Vetting Before Generating a Lead


Social media offers insight into your audience. This information, usually volunteered by users, is valuable because it lets you vet potential leads and understand if Facebook is a viable way to drum up business. 

Use these insights wisely and spend time every month analyzing them. The aim is to generate leads that can easily convert to customers. 

Let's Talk!

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Need help with your digital marketing and getting started on Facebook? Awkward Media helps small to medium-sized businesses drive revenue by creating an effective online presence on social media and search engines. Contact us or drop us a line at 647 849 1082 to discuss your digital needs. 

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