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chachi's chai bar | case study
our client:
CHACHI'S CHAI BAR is a small chai shop.

They opened with the intention of introducing the feeling of sipping warm tea back home in India, to the busy, city streets of Toronto.

In India, whether it's a wedding, a work meeting, or a meetup between friends - there will be tea presented as a symbol of good intention and hospitality. India competes with China as being the world's largest producer of tea - despite 70% of the tea being consumed within the country (reference:

That makes finding this speciality tea a treat to find in other parts of the world.

Chai tea generally includes a rich black tea, heavy milk, a combination of spices as well as a sweetener.

chachi's cups
our role:
CHACHI wanted to capture the feeling from back in India, of the times you go over to the house of family or friends and they instantly serve you tea and light snacks. These are feelings of closeness, appreciation, and engagement. These are the ways that tea can be used to connect and build relationships with others within the community.

the project:

They chose the name CHACHI as it translates to 'Aunty' in Hindi. And who makes the best cup of tea? Quite often, it's your Aunt. Furthermore, the name "chai" is the Hindi word for "tea" which comes from the word "cha" - the Chinese word for "tea".

chachi's logo

The colours (grey, white & shaffron) come from the Indian Flag. While the font colour is interchangeable throughout the different branding options, it's intended to be a dark green with a white "speckled"effect.

A dark, orange circle is used in contrast to highlight the text "CHAI BAR" - a slogan that further elaborates on the CHACHI name.

Gold | Represents quality and richness of flavour
Grey | Represents the timeless culture that surrounds chai
Orange | Represents honesty, purity and peace

chachi's colours

The design chosen throughout the CHACHI branding comes from the Indian culture and heritage. These are designs you see across all of India. We wanted to respect the heritage while giving a beautiful Mehndi, floral design a more modern appearance.

Mehndi | The art or practice of applying temporary henna tattoos. This art form is especially used as part of a bride and groom's preparation for a wedding.

We branded a few items for CHACHI, including:
• Coffee Cups
• Tea Bags (combining branding and quality by offering a cool, dark place. That's the proper way to preserve tea)
• Takeout Bags

chachi's pattern
chachi's bags

We designed these simple icons to use apart of their branding. This includes the CHAICHI cups, packaging, and tea bags.

chachi's icons

There were many "Chai Fonts" available but we decided to have this whimsical/freehand font, custom made. It's intended to pay homage to the street vendors in India with their own, authentic, Chai shops.

chachi's font
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