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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You're missing out on a ton of potential customers because clients can't find you online. It's time to change that. We can get more people to visit your site and start buying what you're selling; or our last name isn't "Media".


The Benefits

Do we really need to spell this out for you? Fine, we will. M-O-R-E T-R-A-F-F-I-C!! This is one of those rare instances when it’s actually a good thing. When you’re showing up on the first page of search engines for competitive keywords, you tend to get noticed. Good SEO does exactly this. Your business keeps appearing in various search results. That’s not only good for your website but also looks great for your brand. So, SEO helps with branding and sales you say? Where do I sign up ?? Here is fine.

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Our awkward nerds go through a lengthy process of figuring out exactly what your customers would type in a search engine to find your business. We scour far and wide to not only find the most searched words, but also spy on your competition to see what they’re using. Shhh, don’t tell anybody that last part. We’ve said too much! This message will self destruct in 4..3..2..

Defuse Explosive

Link Building

Anyone using the internet has clicked on a hyperlink that has brought them to a separate web page. These are called backlinks, and they act as powerful portals bringing people to your website. The more portals that connect to your website, the more users are viewing your site. These backlinks operate like word of mouth, where one site can act as an endorsement for your business. It’s important that these endorsements come from relevant and respected websites, otherwise those backlinks work in an opposite or neutral way. We can help ensure that the internet is being your best brand ambassador, and not a filthy troll bringing down your hard-earned rep.

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The Bottom Line

‘The times are a changin’. So are consumers. Gone, are the days of BIG, heavy yellow books to look for businesses. The present belongs to search engines, and if you’re not in a prominent position, you can fuhgeddaboudit it. Big data shows that SEO should be a vital part of your marketing budget because everyone and their grandmothers are looking for businesses online now. Can you afford to miss out?


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Buzz PR


A boutique PR Firm here in Toronto reached out to us for SEO work. They specialize in brand building, event management and getting media coverage for their clients. We were able to get a relatively unknown firm in the big leagues with the most recognized names in the industry. They're on the first page for the most competitive words you can think of!

*The images you see are all 1st page results.

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Singer Kwinter Personal Injury


If you know anything about the Personal Injury space online, you would know that it's probably the MOST competitive industry there is. It's nothing short of cut throat, since every single firm is fighting for first page results. Well, guess what? Yours truly helped Singer Kwinter build a nice little nest on prime real estate for keywords like, "Personal Injury Toronto", "Personal Injury Lawyer" "Car Accident Lawyer", "Best Accident Lawyers" and much more!

*The images you see are all 1st page results.

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