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The 6 Best Tools for WordPress SEO
WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that features templates and plugins to build websites and blog platforms. It is also Google's preferred platform so it makes sense to use it as the foundation for your online presence. When building your site or blog, you want to maximize its SEO potential, which means leveraging the most effective tools. To help you wade through the endless number of WordPress plugins, here are the 6 best that can help your SEO efforts.


yoast WordPress Yoast is a popular plugin that helps optimize your website or blog posts by evaluating writing style, language, metadata, readability and other areas important to Google. It considers what visitors want and how search engines recognize and index content. If you use Yoast (and if you don’t, you should be) then before you publish anything, make sure you have nothing highlighted in orange or red. These are parts of the Yoast criteria that you failed and could impact the page from being indexed. Click here to download Yoast.

Rel Nofollow Checkbox

Rel NoFollow Often, simplicity is best. This plugin does one thing: it adds a checkbox in the insert/edit popup that allows you to add a nofollow attribute. A nofollow tells search engines that a certain link shouldn’t impact search rankings. This helps combat the efforts of spammers. Google appreciates this type of instruction and can reward you for using this attribute. Click here to download this plugin. Click here to learn more about nofollows.

Keyword Tool for WordPress

Keyword Tool This tool helps you instantly research keywords to optimize your content. Keyword Tool generates keyword options by simply typing in a word or phrase. From there, you can choose the keyword that best fits your subject matter. The top results are the most popular with respect to searches and you will want to include them wherever possible. Click here to learn more about Keyword Tool.


SEMrush This plugin lets you see the keywords that are popular with your competitors. If deployed properly, it can guide you to create more relevant and optimized content based on analytics. Insight into your competitors’ strategies should only help you create a more focused digital marketing offering. Click here to learn more or download SEMrush.


OptinMonster Many websites struggle with converting visitors and figuring out a way to keep in touch with them after they’ve exited. OptinMonster lets you convert visitors into email subscribers, giving you additional opportunities to bring them back to your website or blog. It also has features designed to increase pageviews and time on site. These enhance your SEO efforts or ensure your strategy produces results. Click here to learn more about OptinMonster.

Broken Link Checker

Broken Link Check This plugin is pretty self-explanatory. The Broken Link Checker scans your websites for broken links and notifies you so you can fix them immediately. Links supply huge SEO juice so you’ll want to make sure that your links are working properly. Click here to download Broken Link Checker. WordPress is a great tool to build a website or blog and to drive traffic. Use these tips to optimize your digital presence, and make sure you understand how SEO works and how it can work for you. Feel free to reach out to us if you want to take your digital marketing to the next level.
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