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Using Facebook to Attract New Customers

Marketing managers and business owners understand that they need a Facebook presence. They pour resources into building and connecting with an audience only to find that it doesn't result in a ton of new customers. Is Facebook a big, fat waste of time? Or is there a better way to approach it to increase conversion?

Here are the keys to attracting customers on Facebook. 

Focus on Helping People


As tempting as it is to keep pumping out posts with testimonials and promotions, you might be better served by using Facebook as a customer service vehicle. 

Turn your business page into a forum and a resource where you share relevant advice and answer questions that your customers or potential customers might have.

Don't worry about someone raising anything negative. It's better for you to attack such issues openly and in such a way that will appease the upset customer and result in your business getting a second chance.  

Invest in High-quality Visuals


If you don't have graphic design skills, we recommend enlisting the help of an experienced one who can create visuals that will increase your click through rate. A strong visual that is clear and compelling is proven to drive engagement.

Ideally, copy should be concise and paired with a striking image that adheres to your brand standard, and communicates whatever it is you're trying to communicate. Another tip is to consider your audience when thinking who should appear in your images. It's advisable to have a cross-section of people with respect to age, gender and race.

Don't Be Scared to Experiment


To really know what works on Facebook, you need to accept a bit of trial and error. You can try A/B testing where you create two versions of the same post and then see which fares better with you audience. The one that drives the most action and conversion wins. 

You should also experiment with different tones of voice and play around with Facebook advertising options. We suggest setting different budgets and targeting a variety of people and keywords to see what works best. 

We Can Help!


Attracting and converting users on Facebook takes practice, patience and expertise. Let Awkward Media help build your digital brand on Facebook, Instagram and on search engines. Reach out or call at 647 849 1082 so we can discuss your business and start crafting a strategy that will produce results.

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