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Top Cyber Monday Strategies of 2018
The Monday following Thanksgiving has been nicknamed Cyber Monday since 2005, when released a press release entitled, "Cyber Monday Quickly Becoming One of the Biggest Online Shopping Days of the Year". That year on Thanksgiving Monday, a whopping 77% of online retailers said that their sales increased dramatically. Since then, Cyber Monday has been the best day for eCommerce sales, reaching a record of $6.59 billion just last year. That said, competition is fierce. So, how do you separate yourself from your competitors and generate the sales you want? Here are some Cyber Monday Strategies cyber monday strategies Make Sure Your Website is in Tip-Top Shape Your eCommerce website is about to get a whole lot of traffic, more than it has all year. This is not the time for technical glitches or server errors, so be sure to get a professional (and FREE) website audit. ecommerce solutions Build Some Buzz Get people thinking about your offers early. Build suspense around your promotions by counting down the days, hours and minutes! Post-holiday-themed product photos on your social media pages, create an email marketing campaign with sneak peeks to your exclusive deals, run a PPC campaign. The goal is for you to be top of mind when Cyber Monday rolls around. ecommerce solutions Make Customer Service Your Priority Your customer service is what ultimately places you above your competitors. By exceeding your customer’s expectations, you’re not just earning their trust, but their future business.  Be present in your online community to answer pre-sale questions and open up all your communication channels. Offer 24/7 customer service, if you must! The more you’re there to respond to your customers’ needs, the more likely they’ll choose you instead of Amazon, or any one of your other competitors. ecommerce solutions Remarket to Reach Your Consumers This is a super effective targeting tactic. How remarketing works is, if a user visits your website, it will trigger a cookie or pixel that can be tracked. If they leave your site without converting, they’ll run into your product ads on other websites. This way, they’ll keep getting reminded of your awesome deals. Which brings us to… Remarketing Strategy Offer Amazing but Tactical Deals You don’t want your customers to make one-time purchases. Link your offers to products they’ll need again in the future; for instance, an electric razor blade at 50% off. They’ll have to return some day to replace the heads, won’t they? Or else, choose to discount products that other items pair well with. If you promote golf bags, gloves, and balls, it might prompt a peek at your drivers and irons. If you’re overwhelmed by the list of to-dos, there’s still time! Our team of digital strategists can help make your Cyber Monday Strategies so your sale run smoothly by ensuring:
  • your website is high performing
  • your tactics are at par with your sales potential
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