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Top 5 Digital Advertising Myths

With digital advertising, what's en vogue today is a mistake tomorrow. The reason is that users evolve and their behaviours change. As a marketing manager or small to medium-sized business owner, you need to wade through all the information to separate myth from fact.

Here are five of the most common digital advertising myths.

Myth: Ads are Disruptive and Annoying


Ads have always been a hindrance to our viewing and reading experience but in our digital world, ads are now targeted and consider the user. The internet also provides an infinite amount of free content so it's not unreasonable that we have to sit through a few ads. 

When creating a compelling and high-quality ad or ad campaign make sure you put the user at the forefront. What do they want to see and hear? Also, do you envision them at work while they watch or on the bus? Does a display ad make more sense than a video?

If you consider your user then your ads shouldn't annoy anyone. 

Myth: Ads Must Lead to Sales to be Successful


Digital advertising is as much about engagement and branding as it is about sales. In fact, the aim of most digital advertising is to get users into the sales funnel. Constantly selling could turn someone off. 

Use digital ads to fill your sales funnel, engage customers and to build an audience that you can sale directly to later. 

Myth: Only Big Businesses Should Advertise Online


Big businesses are always going to have their hands in everything. They'll buy the biggest billboards on the most well-trafficked highway and then buy a Super Bowl ad to boot. That's just how it is so get over it! 

Digital advertising is far more affordable than the traditional means. It's something of an equalizer than allows anyone to bid on ad space in various markets. Then, there's social media where you can post for free or set an ad budget.

Make no mistake, digital advertising, including social media, requires an investment. Yet, it's an opportunity to play with the big brands unlike TV radio and print.

Myth: Digital Advertising Guarantees Results


Let's just put this out there...very few things in life are guaranteed and digital advertising is no different. Even if you plan and execute properly, you still need to be patient to see results.

From the moment someone sees your ad to the time they become a customer is a process but once the engine starts revving, you can enjoy the impact it has on branding, customer engagement and, yes, sales. 

Myth: Only Go After the Most Competitive Keywords


Unless you have an unlimited budget and don't care about results, then you need to take a varied and strategic approach toward bidding on keywords. Instead, find keywords that are:

  • Relevant to your industry
  • Locally focused
  • Niche instead of broad

Less competitive doesn't mean less valuable. Sometimes less search volume means that the lead is more qualified and can be converted quicker. 

Let Awkward Media Help


Digital advertising takes time, patience and knowledge about who your users are and what they want. We have helped many businesses build their online audience through digital advertising. Reach out or call us at 647 849 1082 to get the ball rolling. 

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