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The Best April Fools Pranks of 2019 - Awkward Media
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The Best April Fools Pranks of 2019

We always see it coming, but somehow April Fool’s Day catches us all every year. Major brands have taken the day as the perfect opportunity to create campaigns that showcase their silly side, and sometimes even poke fun at their own audience. This year we have seen some seriously epic campaigns that will make you laugh out loud! Here are a few of our favourites.


OK Google - let me talk to my plants? In this awesome video, Google partners with the famous Keukenhof Garden in the Netherlands to develop “Google Tulip”, a device that lets you communicate with your flowers! Finally, we can understand what they are thinking. Just add water and sun, please! 


BONUS: You’ve heard about self driving cars, but what about self driving bicycles?  



Remember the biggest disaster of 2018, Fyre Festival? Well get ready to take your love of music and poorly run events to new heights with WestJet’s Flyre Festival! As they describe it, you can enjoy “the world’s first premium in-flight music festival -- an immersive experience that’s airborne”. There will be models, EDM music and cute pigs… all at 35,000 feet. Watch the video below for the full experience but remember “it’s in the sky, which is expensive”. The best part, WestJet is offering a real sale on flights!  

Serge Ibaka: How Hungry Are You?

One of our favourite Toronto Raptors, and favourite Youtube shows put out the best episode of ‘How Hungry Are You’ featuring Kawhi Lenoard. Trust us, just watch it.




What could be better than having food delivered right to your doorstep? Having it be delivered by doggos. Foodora announced on Instagram that a new fleet of highly trained pups will soon be delivering you food. Belly rubs are accepted as tips. 



The language app decided to poke fun at itself this year by introducing “Duolingo Push”. In an attempt to make sure you never miss another day of language practice, the Duolingo owl mascot will stop by to remind you to get back to learning. This campaign is creative, and silly and we love it. 

Looking for your own April Fool’s prank idea? Our Social media and branding teams can help you create a campaign that will have all your followers laughing. Hurry, only 363 days until next year! Let’s get planning.

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