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Do You Suck At Writing?

Boring or poorly written blogs are the worst. They crowd the internet and are rarely shared or enjoyed by readers. 

Blogging has become something of an art form. To cut through the noise of the internet, bloggers need to write posts that are strategic, concise, purposeful and compelling. They need to communicate a business' core values while educating the readers on something relevant.  To help you out, here are four steps to writing a killer blog post that are sure to keep people gripped until the end.

Plan Before Starting


Before you write a single word you need to spend a little time outlining the subject of your blog post. 

The first thing you should do is identify your audience. Next, outline a few points for each section: 

  • The introduction needs to grab the reader's attention in addition to clearly defining the purpose of the post.
  • The body should present each point or argument definitively, providing evidence, context or anecdotes that serve your point. 
  • The conclusion should neatly end the post with no loose threads and with a succinct call-to-action.

This will help ensure that each paragraph serves a purpose.

A Compelling Opening

opening line

The best writers know the value of an opening line. 

Craft an opening that evokes an emotion and provokes a reader to keep going. Take "it was a dark and stormy night", for instance. This opening immediately draws you into the atmosphere of the scene and hints at something sinister brewing. The point isn't to open about weather but to open on something that sets the tone and mood.

Most readers move on if the opening of an article is lacklustre. 

Writing is Rewriting


Once you've completed your first draft you need to start the editing process. Don't even bother to pat yourself on the back yet. We mean it. Hands on the keyboard. No patting.

Some editing tips:

  • Wait a few days before editing to develop some subjectivity.
  • Ask someone you know with relevant experience to provide notes.
  • Treat nothing you write as precious. Delete and revise as required. 
  • If a sentence isn't cleanly written or purposeful then get rid of it.
  • Make sure the post is written in one voice and the proper tense.
  • If there's an opportunity to replace a word with a simpler one then do so.
  • Remove "start to" and "in order to" to tighten sentences. 

When All Else Fails...Hire Professionals


Writing is a craft that takes practice and skill. Not everyone is a writer and, for most, it can be a tiresome and time consuming chore. For those who are too busy or recognize their inability to write effectively, you can hire professionals to write and promote your content. 

Reach out or call us at 647 849 1082 to discuss your business and how our writers can help tell your story and build your audience. 

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