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How to Stay on Track of Your Digital Marketing Resolutions
The end of January is the perfect time of the new year to check in and see how you're doing with your New Years Resolutions to improve your digital marketing. Whether you're a start-up that has what it takes to take over the world or an established brand that wants to outshine the competition, staying on track of your company's New Years Resolutions is a great way to guarantee a successful year. Keep reading for helpful suggestions.

Out With the Old, in With the New

Now is not the time to be nostalgic. Firstly, it's time high time you purge your company of everything that isn't working. Trying to increase traffic, sales, or followers by using old methods that simply aren't giving you results is kind of like banging your head on the wall waiting for it to stop hurting. It's time to switch things up! Consider a new logo, new branding, a new website, even a new marketing agency.

Build a Digital Marketing Agenda...and Stick to it!

Are you planning on winging the next 12 months? Guess what, the term carpe diem doesn't really apply to your marketing agenda. Planning out the next year will certainly help you reach your New Year's marketing goals by letting you strategize, organize, and plan ahead. Get everyone on the same page to make sure 2018 runs as smoothly as possible.

Manage Your Content With User-Friendly Tools

It's 2018, for crying out loud! It's time to take advantage of the hundreds of high-quality apps, software, and tools at your disposal. Content marketing will be crucial in 2018, so you can't afford to be stingy. How do you make sure you have a strong content marketing strategy all-year round? Check out these awesome tools that will help your content reach its full potential:
  • Buffer: All your social media accounts under one roof. Track performance, manage posts and schedule content.
  • MailChimp: People who say that email marketing is dead simply aren't doing it right. MailChimp is such a user-friendly email marketing tool, that you'll see increased traffic, improved off-page SEO, and higher click rates with this nifty email marketing app.
  • Redbooth: Organizing and keeping track of everyone's tasks can be a nightmare if many people are working on the same project. That's why online project management tools like Redbooth are a perfect meeting point for every team member to visualize their projects and interact with coworkers about their tasks, all while keeping everything perfectly organized.
  • Google Analytics: Of course, where would any of us really be if we didn't have analytics to study. If you don't understand how Google Analytics works, take a course or read tutorials. Bottom line, Google Analytics helps you improve by giving you real-time stats and data about everything your website publishes.

Don't Ignore Your Stats

Of course, understanding your analytics is only half the battle. What so many people fail to do is use their analytics to test out and try new things. Many tools we've just mentioned, such as MailChimp, allow you to try out different variations of the same ad, email, etc. so that you can see in real time which version is getting a better response. You'd be surprised by how few people actually take advantage of their reporting tools.

Get Feedback From Clients, Coworkers, Friends, and Family

What's a surprisingly easy way to get quick, raw, and totally free feedback about your digital marketing? Just ask around! This may seem counterintuitive at first, especially if you've just paid an ad agency to take care of collecting feedback. But you may be surprised by what you can hear. Of course, we totally understand that your grandmother's opinion doesn't hold as much weight as a potential client, but if you need feedback in a pinch, getting a consensus from people you know and trust is a great starting point.

Connect With Your Clients 

And last but not least, digital marketing is all about connecting with your audience on an emotional level. Sometimes, all it takes to reset your relationship is to let them know you care (awww!). One of the most important things to remember when working on your digital marketing resolutions this year is that consumers are more attracted to companies who show they care than companies who keep a neutral opinion about the world's toughest issues. Whatever your goals are for this year, make sure to inject plenty of heart and soul into your digital marketing strategy. Want more totally awkward awesome digital marketing and SEO help? Check out Awkward Media's portfolio page, or contact us today.
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