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4 Simple Ways to Optimize your Instagram Posts

Optimization might sound boring or daunting but without it every small to medium-sized business would be screaming pointlessly into the digital void. The odds of being discovered by a potential customer would be slim to zero. 

Everything you share on a social network needs to follow specific optimization rules so that your posts can appear in searches and users can easily start following you or visiting your website. 

Let's look at how you can optimize your social media posts using the most popular network, Instagram, as our example.

1. Embrace Being Public


You might be shocked to learn that far too many businesses have their Instagram account on private. The reason for this is most likely fear. Fear of having an irate customer lodge a public complaint or fear of being guilty by association due to inclusion in someone's post. 

Everything you do on Instagram should be public. This allows you to build a following. In addition, it makes it easier for people to find you and makes your posts more searchable on Instagram's platform and on search engines. 

2. A Link should be Prominent

link to website

You bio needs to have a link to your website or an optimized landing page that serves a distinct purpose. A post without a link is something of a missed opportunity. It's a poor assumption to think that the user will read your post, be compelled to act and then proactively search for your website.

Make everything as easy as possible for your users and you will notice a spike in traffic. Then, it's up to your website to do the job of converting new users to returning users and, ultimately, into customers. 

3.Write Relatable and Inclusive Content


This is a principle pulled from the best SEO practices and it absolutely applies. You need to discover who your users/followers are and then create content (articles, videos, audio, ads) that they can relate to. 

If you're selling designer socks to teenagers than sharing content that features senior citizens or children most likely will not catch their attention. Everything you create for the purpose of sharing should be relatable and inclusive. Really think about the people who appear in your content or the words and language you use.

The last thing you want to do is offend a potential follower or miss out on an opportunity to grow your follower base. Furthermore, make sure your articles are mistake-free and that your rich media elements are high-quality.

4. Treat Calls-to-Action as the Foundation


Don't let a strong post drift into the ether because you didn't include a call-to-action. If you want Instagram users to enter a contest, then tell them to enter the contest and what they can win. If you want them to visit a section of your website, then tell them to do so and what they can expect to find.

It might sound obvious or even condescending but people see thousands of posts a day, and sometimes they need that extra little push. 

Everything Awkward Does is Optimized

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