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A core service of ours has been PPC via Facebook and Google AdWords. Over the years, we've tested thousands of ads and strategies. This has led us to create highly profitable campaigns for our customers right out of the gate. Don't believe us? Take a look below for yourself.

300k in 30 Days

"With over 13 years of experience, Platinum Condo Broker has the knowledge & expertise to help investors find the best Pre-Construction Investments." - Platinum Condo Broker

Return on ad spend
in one month!


"Before Awkward Media came in, we were barely breaking even and didn't have a clue what was wrong with our Facebook Ads. Now we're consistently pulling in big profits on our ad spend." - Elite Premium Products

$187K in the first
7 days

"We were a start-up with a product we knew could solve a major problem but had no idea how to market it. Awkward Media helped us scale faster than we thought was possible. They're the best partners we could've hoped for." - The Portable Saw
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