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Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Why It's Essential!
Here’s an obvious fact: most people who own a computer probably use the Internet everyday. They search for pretty much everything online. They Google what they want to buy, where they want to go, and pretty much everything else that happens in life. And 99% of them won’t go past the first page of searched results when they look for, say, “best costume store” or “how to knit.” They expect the most relevant stuff to come up first. This is why Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is so darn important. The Internet is filled with information that couldn’t fit in all the world’s libraries. There’s millions of websites for just about everything that’s ever existed. So if your work is going to stand out, then you have to be thinking about having it show up on someone’s radar in the first place. That means getting as far up as possible in people’s Google searches. SEO is part of the basic toolkit you’ll need to secure as high a position as possible. And if none of that sounds convincing enough, here are some specific reasons why you want SEO to wok for you.

SEO Increases Your Rankings

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500"]seo Your place is on the font page.[/caption] There’s no point of crafting the perfect content if no one sees it. There’s no point of building the perfect website and getting the perfect technical adjustments if no one knows it’s there. The most common way people learn about things is through searching the web. And the best way to get noticed is for your site to appear as a top result when people search. It doesn’t matter whether your site or blog is about sports or fashion or salsa dancing. The principle doesn’t change. Search engines don’t have the ability to sift through the quality of relevant content on the web. They depend on metrics of what people are doing online to rank which site is more significant. The most significant ones go onto the first page. If you end up where you want, then it means your site’s reputation is probably in good shape. If not, then the opposite is true!

SEO Increases Your Traffic

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="480"]Traffic The one place where you want lots of this.[/caption] It’s simple: getting noticed means more clicks. That means more visitors. The SEO software you use should help those searching online reach toward your site. This might be done through using certain search terms that are germane to your area of interest. Or it may come from a larger range of terms that are related to what you’re trying to do. It’s up to you and your SEO strategy to figure that out, but the point is to increase traffic.

SEO Gets You Better Conversions

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="420"]convert Convert, convert, convert![/caption] It’s not enough to just get more clicks. You also want people to actually spend enough time to want to come back, or to go through the site. There’s no point in having someone click on your site and leaving within, say, 10 seconds. If you’re selling products through the site, then you want the visitors to follow a certain path that leads to them buying. You want them to spend enough time on the right pages and to be interested in what you want them to be interested in. This means paying serious attention to how your clients are interacting with your brand. It means affecting that process as much as you can in order to persuade. It also means getting good SEO tech because it’s going to impact this process big time—for the better. If your rankings are bad, then so is your reputation. No one’s looking to spend time on a disreputable site anyway, even if they manage to land on it somehow. Better SEO means better reputation, which leads to more interest. These are just a few reasons of why SEO is so important. It’s how the Internet is organized, literally. People who want to consume products or information need tools to help them sift through the avalanche of data that they access when logging online. Search engines are the answer to that, which means SEO is your lifeline to being relevant in this whole process. Not paying attention to it just means you’re going to end up on the bottom of the pile, buried beneath everyone else’s debris. If you want help climbing the rankings, give us a shout!
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