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SCARY Good Tricks to Increase Your Traffic for Halloween
Halloween is less than a month away, which means it's time to figure out ways to use this popular holiday to scare up some additional traffic to your website. Besides Christmas, Halloween is a big time for web traffic and activity and it's a time of the year where people love to spend. Here are some tips and tricks (see what we did there) that can help you leverage Halloween for your own digital marketing purposes.

Social Media Contests

social media Halloween is a very visual and atmospheric holiday. This makes it prime for social media. Consider one of these tactics to have fun with your social media audience:
  • Costume photo contest
  • Decoration photo contest
  • Favourite Horror movie poll
For each contest, ask your followers to upload a photo and then offer a fun prize to the winner. You can also run these as employee contests and share the results with your followers. It's less engaging but also less work for your marketing person or team. Be sure to have any content end on October 31st. Ultimately, the idea is to engage users and have fun with them in a way that's Halloween focused.


giveaways Everyone wants something. Businesses are known to run giveaways to increase engagement, collect data or compel participation. Even if your business doesn't partake in Halloween, you can still offer Halloween giveaways, including:
  • Tickets to a relevant event like a local haunted tour or house.
  • A horror movie prize pack.
  • Gift card to the LCBO for those hosting a Halloween party.
If giveaways are part of your strategy then flavour them with a touch of the Halloween season to appease your audiences and customers. Special holiday offers tend to drive business and Halloween is a holiday where people consistently spend more.

Mailing Campaigns

mailing Email marketing should be part of your monthly digital marketing strategy. For October's e-blast why not make it Halloween themed. You can include a creepy and delicious recipe or add a banner that screams Halloween. The point is to get into the spirit of the holiday and connect with your followers, customers, and fans in a way that is more novel than the usual business interaction, which let's be honest can get a little old.

Make this Halloween Awkward

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