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PPC: Attract Quality Leads by Avoiding These Common Errors
Pay-per-click marketing, or PPC, is a fast(er) approach to attracting traffic to your website. Unlike SEO, where due diligence + time = long-lasting results, PPC allows sites to pay or bid for their spot at the top of search engine result pages. Because PPC can be costly, most sites will run their campaigns for special occasions, like the launch of their website. But again, because PPC can be costly, you should expect to attract quality leads. If you've been running a PPC campaign and aren't seeing improved click rates, you may be making these common mistakes:

Not Paying Attention to Stale Keywords

If you're not keeping an eye on your analytics then you're probably flushing money down the toilet. If you want a successful PPC ad, paying crucial attention to what works and doesn't work is vital. The less effective a keyword is, the more likely you'll be disappointed in your results. When it comes to PPC campaigns, finding the right keyword is everything. Don't hang on to keywords if they're not driving traffic to your site. Get rid of low-search volume keywords and focus on those that are bringing clicks.

Not Sending a Clear Message

If your PPC ad doesn't have a clear and concise message, the user won't know what to do with it. Or, if they do click, they may be confused or disappointed by what they find on your landing page. Not sending a clear message looks sloppy and unpolished, plus it doesn't give you any advantage. Traffic is one thing, but what you're really after is high conversion rates, something you can kiss goodbye if your ad just doesn't make sense.

Making Obvious Mistakes

It pains us to have to say this, but yes, glaring errors like spelling and grammar mistakes or even misplaced images, look extremely unprofessional and directly affect your bottom line. You don't lure good fish with bad bait, so why expect to attract quality leads with unprofessional ads. If you're spending money on a campaign, thoroughly review it before it goes live. (Remember that McDonald's Black Friday Twitter fail? Don't let that happen to you.)

Paying for PPC Ads That Don't Work

It takes a few tweaks and adjustments to get the right campaign parameters. Leaving a PPC campaign to do its thing and make you money is a little misguided. Okay, it's a lot misguided. You don't know if your campaign is working until you look at your numbers. According to Search Engine Journal, "You should always have at least two versions of every campaign running: a test group and an experiment group. Document the variables of your experiments, measure their impact over a day or two or more, rinse, repeat." If you're sitting on a campaign that isn't attracting leads and giving you a return on your investment, you're making a big mistake.

Not Putting Enough Thought Into Your Landing Page

Don't let your landing page be an afterthought. If it's sloppy, unprofessional, uninteresting, or irrelevant to your ads, your campaign success will be affected. More importantly, you should focus primarily on creating a stellar website that looks great across all devices, contains rich content and relevant keywords, and has a clear message. Not only do search engines take your website's content into account when ranking your page's relevancy, it will also boost your SEO and encourage organic traffic. Tempting a user to click on your ad that sends them to a third-rate website is like a hotel that offers a discount for a honeymoon suite and gives you a single room. Bottom line: the better the landing page the better the results. Awkward Media helps companies all over the Greater Toronto Area reach their digital marketing and PPC campaign goals by designing responsive, intelligent, and beautiful websites that attract organic high-quality leads. Are you interested in building a strong PPC ad campaign? Do you want to give your website a much-needed facelift? Then contact us today and let us know about your upcoming project.
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