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Is Your Business Ready For Its Own App?


Mobile apps are top of mind for everyone these days, and this shouldn't be a surprise. According to Statistics Canada, a whopping 76% of Canadians own a smart phone, a number sure to rise considering society's digital appetite. Once your business' website is mobile-friendly, a business app is the next step. That being said, there are a few things to think about before planting your business' logo on your customers' smartphone screens.

Things to Think About Before "App-ing" Your Business


In a lot of ways, building an app for your business seems like a no-brainer. Most people have smartphones, and many businesses nowadays have apps. But building an app and simply expecting your customers to download and use it is not a winning strategy. Here are some questions to ask yourself before building an app for your business:

  1. Do your customers demand it? If they are asking for an app because it will help them buy what you are offering, then a business app may be a wise investment.
  2. Would an app offer concrete benefits to customers? You will need to give your customers a reason to download and use your app, be it making purchases on your app, checking their accounts, participating in rewards programs, etc.
  3. What is your competition doing? If all your competitors have an app, that may be a sign that you are behind and need to catch up. If your competition is not using apps, consider why - is there no tangible benefit for deploying a business app in your field? Or, is there a space in the market your business can fill by beating your competition to the punch?

Ready To Launch a Business App


If you are ready to optimize your business' online presence, then a smartphone app is a great way to do this. An app can help your business gain visibility by literally planting your logo right on your customers' screens - that's valuable real estate these days. This builds your brand, and will make it easier for your customers to engage with your business, whether that means ordering a cake from your bakery, or registering for an evening yoga class at your studio, etc.

A business app can also make it easier for customers to buy from you. If customers can save their information securely on your app, it will make purchasing a snap. They won't have to manually enter their information each time they make a purchase from you, saving time as well as the headache of typing on a smartphone.

My Business App Launch Can Wait


While the advantages of developing an app for your business are obvious, there are pitfalls as well. Keep in mind that customers - and smartphone users in general - can be fickle. If you want a business for your app just to have it, or because its "cool" - you are wasting your money. Typically, 64% of users ignore an app one month after downloading it, so be aware.

ultimately, it is up to you


Business owners make their money by taking risks. If you have done your research and determined an app for your business will bring tangible benefits to your customers (while making you money), then go nuts. But if you are concerned customers won't use your app, it may be smart to wait until they are.

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