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Instagram Etiquette: A Crash Course for Business Owners


If you run a business, chances are you've created an Instagram profile for that business (if you haven't, check out Awkward Media's post on getting your business' profile up and running).

Your business' Instagram profile isn't just a space to splash with photos of your work. It is a living, breathing part of your business that needs attention and care. Most importantly, it is another way to interact with customers. So, without further ado, here are some guidelines on Instagram Etiquette for your business.

They Love Me! They Really, Really, Love Me!


If your customers show you the love on Instagram, return the favour and show your gratitude. True, a simple "heart" icon on a comment, or a "thank you" will suffice, but at the minimum. Remember, Instagram is a social platform, so the more you engage, the better for your business. Customers will appreciate your effort and, more importantly, potential customers may start looking your way when they see how seriously you take your customers' comments.

Houston, We Have A Problem


All businesses run into problems at some point. If there are negative comments on your business' Instagram feed, you have to deal with them - there is no way around it. How you respond can depend on the circumstances. If the problem can be solved quickly, then a quick comment in the comments section may suffice. However, if the negative comment requires a more lengthy response, it may be best to contact the user with a direct message, an email or even a phone call to ensure the problem is dealt with properly. Dealing with a negative comment this way ensures everyone's privacy while keeping your Instagram profile and comments section free of negativity.

Questions Questions Questions


As a business owner, you'll always be answering questions from customers and potential customers alike. On Instagram, it is no different. Like dealing with someone in person, a question on social media requires action. If the question can be answered with a quick explanation, go ahead and use the comments section. If a question requires a lengthier response, it is best to use a direct message, email or phone call to answer it. Remember, your business' social media feed is a legitimate avenue for customer engagement. If people see you aren't engaging with customers on social, that's an unnecessary strike against your business. Demonstrate your professionalism by engaging with your customers and answering every question posted to your business' Instagram feed.

The Long Arm of SPAM


Dealing with spam is just another reality of using the Internet, business owner or not. If you are being spammed on Instagram, simply block the spammer and report it. If your business is mentioned in a spam post, again just remove the tag and block the user. Don't let spam ruin your business' Instagram game! It is that simple!

At the end of the day, Instagram is an amazing tool to leverage for your business. If you put as much care into dealing with customers through Instagram as you would in real life, you (and your business) can't lose. 

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