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How to Build your Facebook Audience

One question has stumped philosophers since first posed: If a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound? 

The same can be asked about a Facebook business page. If you have a small audience then does your page even matter? Will a lot of effort yield any results on a tiny group of users?

Facebook has a ton of value. It allows you to target specific groups of people and is a communication tool that fosters brand engagement. Let's look at some proven ways you can build your Facebook audience so that you don't waste your time. 

Include Searchable Information


Your page is a hub where users can discover your business and get information. While creating your page, you need to succinctly communicate what your business is about while making sure that the information is primed to appear in searches. 

Focus on the "About" section and include the following:

  • Cover what your business has to offer
  • Link to your website or a landing page
  • An overview of your products and/or services
  • 1-2 lines that capture your business' value
  • Address and hours of operation

Ask People to Like your Page...Often


This might sound annoying but the reality is you need to ask people to like your page. No one wants to be the first to like a business so we advise to seed your audience with friends, family and, most importantly, your existing customers. 

You'd be surprised by how many people will like your page if you simply ask them to. From there, see if they'll  post relevant pics and messages or leave reviews - ideally positive ones but that might be asking a bit much.

A good tip is to go under "Build Audience" in the menu and invite your personal contacts to like the page. Be mindful not to spam your network.

Whatever it takes to get your first few hundred fans will be worth it in the end. 

Offer Value


Value will bring a bigger audience to your yard. Of course, value is subjective but by knowing your customer personas, you can offer specific value to potential audience members in an effort to grow your base and generate leads.

Create and review personas and craft content that will appeal to them. Make sure to keep it relevant and remember that your goal is to create posts, articles, videos or pieces of audio that will have a vetted user click like. 

Get in Touch


Now that you have a better idea of how to build a Facebook audience, give it a shot. If you need  help or want an experienced agency to do the heavy lifting then reach out or call us at 647 849 1082.

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