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Get Your Business Ready for the Holidays!

Who says the Black Friday momentum is lost. For small to medium businesses and eCommerce companies, having a holiday offers strategy is key to keeping profits up and energies high. And what better time to run some fun and festive contests than the last days  leading up to Christmas?

Around this time of year, 63% of Facebook users say they are likely to share a holiday contest or giveaway post—a great way to gain new customers and web traffic. Just a tip: If you’re an eCommerce company, it’s important you check that your website performance is in tip-top shape to support the volume of visitors and spike in online purchases during this gift-giving season. You can find out with a free website audit.

In the meantime, if you’re keen on creating some effective marketing offers, here are some engaging contests your business can run during the Christmas season:

Stocking Filler Photo Contest


Every year, parents are itching for small and innovative trinkets to fill their children’s stocking with. If you’re targeting adults, especially women, aged 30+, then a contest like this would likely generate tons of shares.

Don’t worry about the logistics. Facebook’s contest app allows users to easily create customizable forms; for example, asking a question over an image or video. Not to mention, it’s compatible on all devices. On your Instagram page, you can direct people to your Facebook page by listing simple steps to follow in your image description; for ex:

  • LIKE our page @awkwardmedia
  • Upload your photo on this post
  • Tag 3 friends

Don’t forget to include hashtags!

How Mischievous is Your Elf?


Is “Elf on the Shelf” a Christmas tradition in your household? You’re not the only one who loves playing pranks on the kids. Have your network post pictures of Santa’s scout elves doing God-knows-what around the house and vote for the funniest photo.

Christmas Tree Décor Contest


Yes, all Christmas trees are beautiful in their own way…blah blah blah. But which one is the most beautiful?

Christmas enthusiasts take lots of pride in their trees. Because both teens and adults decorate their trees, this sort of contest has the potential to reach a much wider audience.

Santa Letter Contest


A superb—and adorable—contest if your target customers are parents. Have mommies and daddies upload their children’s letters to Santa. It’ll be hard to choose between all the cuteness, so you can offer the top prize to the one with the most “heart” reactions and a second-place prize to the one with the most likes.

Multiday Giveaways (Great for eCommerce)


There’s still time to launch a 10 Days of Christmas giveaway! Offering prizes every day, especially in eCommerce, is a genius way to get customers excited for your products and coming back for more. Multiday giveaways like this often get the best social media engagements.

Awkward Media is never out of innovative marketing solutions. We stay up-to-the-minute on digital trends and work closely with our customers to develop effective online strategies. Want to launch a holiday campaign? Give us a shout at 647 849 1082 or contact us through our form.

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