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Digital Strategies To Help Your Business Win Mother's Day

Mother's Day is just around the corner. While we hope you've already bought your mom a gift (who are we kidding? Of course you have!), we also hope your business is ready for the big day. Here are four tips to make Mother's Day wonderful for your business, not to mention all the moms - and dads - out there.

The Early Bird Gets The Worm


When gearing up for a Mother's Day bonanza, start early and avoid scrambling at the last minute. Last year, Americans were expected to spend nearly $23 billion on Mother's Day, so you don't want your business to miss out.

Make sure your Mother's Day strategy is set about 2-3 weeks ahead of time. You want to give your business time to tweak its social media content and email marketing campaign, making sure they are ready to roll.

Your early positioning gives your business an excellent chance of engaging customers who are really putting some thought into what gift to buy. When customers see your early Mother's Day marketing, that gives your business a leg up in converting those potential sales.

Moms LOVE Social Media


Social media is full of moms. Not surprisingly, social media will be a key tool in an effective Mother's Day marketing strategy. Spread the word about your Mother's Day sales and discounts on your Twitter, Facebook and Instagram feeds, and make that content shareable and engaging. For example - ask your followers for their mom's most hilarious faux-pas. The best - or most outrageous - one earns that follower a Mother's Day gift package (or discount etc). Contests like this are fun and spread like wildfire on social media. They also provide plenty of brand awareness.

Also, don't forget Pinterest. It is a visual paradise and a great way for your business to show off its DIY ideas, which are great for Mother's Day.

Email Marketing - The Anchor Of Your Mother's Day Digital Strategy


In these days of social media saturation, email marketing remains vital to getting your message out. Make sure you've got a customized Mother's Day email ready to go a few weeks ahead of time. You want to "plant a seed" in your customers' minds so when they think of Mother's Day, they think of your business.

In your Mother's Day email, emphasize the visual and stay light on text. You want these emails to pull on your customers' heartstrings and inspire them to get their Mom a special gift. In creating a sense of urgency, put a time limit on any Mother's Day sales or discounts. Get customers into your store (brick-and-mortar or online) sooner rather than later.

Keep It Personal


Don't get us wrong, Mother's Day is a great way to increase business and build brand awareness. But don't make your Mother's Day digital strategy all about money. A big part of making this day great for your business will be making it great for your customers. Help them find the perfect Mother's Day gift and they won't forget you or your business.

Helping Businesses With Their Digital Strategy


If you need help crafting a Mother's Day - or any other - digital strategy, Awkward Media is here to help. Give us a ring at 647-849-1082 and we'll help your business shine online.


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