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Does Digital Marketing Make Room for Search Engine Optimization?

Is SEO Still Alive and Kicking?

In case you're too impatient to wait until the end, the answer is yes, SEO is still around and yes, the only way that digital marketing can be effective is by using a relevant SEO strategy. There, now that we have that out of the way, let's take a look at how digital marketing and SEO work together, and why some business owners might have thought that SEO was a thing of the past.

Content Marketing Is Evolving

Google and other search engines like Bing and Yahoo are pretty much obsessed with giving the end user a personalized, human experience. From semantic searches to accelerated mobile pages (AMPs), the search engine gods want to anticipate and deliver what the user is really looking for. That means that your content has to be as focused and as well-written as possible in order for search engines to decide that your website is what the user is really looking for. Content marketing has always been around in some way or another, but these days it means giving your customer more than just a sales pitch or discount. Content that shows that you're not only an authority on a subject but that you also demonstrate your empathy for your customer is content that will likely make its way to the top of a SERP. But wait, there's more! giphy-44

SEO and Content Marketing

Without proper search engine optimization, nobody will even see your content. While the quality, length, and frequency of your content can take you far, current SEO must-haves (such as proper use of backlinking, latent semantic indexing and mobile-friendliness) can keep you at the top. And remember, SEO is always evolving, so don't rely on old tricks to keep you at the top of a search page. Google's algorithms can change without notice and are often shrouded in mystery. An SEO strategy that worked a few months ago may actually be harming your SERP ranking today. The best way to stay on top of SEO is to entrust a professional SEO firm with your website. [caption id="attachment_1168" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Sorting out Google's algorithms be like[/caption]

Successful Email Marketing Leads to High Conversion Rates

This fact is surprising to many people, but the truth is that email campaigns continue to be some of the most effective marketing techniques. As of the beginning of this year, an email marketing campaign has an average 3800% return on investment. From newsletters to discounts, an internal link has a high chance of getting clicked on when it's in an email. And since Canada's recent antispam law prohibits unlawful email blasts, you know your opted-in email recipients are already interested in your product or service. The beauty of email marketing is that you can easily segment your customers based on their preferences and behaviours. What's more, is that you can personalize your customer's experience so much better than when they browse through your website.

Email Marketing and SEO

How does SEO factor into email marketing? That's simple. Think of your email campaigns as an extension of your website. Including internal links in your email content generates traffic to your website. It can also demonstrate which content is getting more clicks and which posts are getting more shares. Find out in a very real way what type of content is interesting and click-worthy to your subscribers. By noticing trends in your email metrics (such as bounce rates, open rates, conversion rates), you can fine-tune your content, which will boost your SEO. The longer someone spends reading your content, the higher you'll be ranked. giphy-46

Digital Marketing Relies on Successful Social Media

Social media is still alive and kicking, but it has definitely changed over the years. Social media is the perfect platform for short, high-quality content that draws traffic to your website and generates new interest. The better your social media presence the higher you will rank on a SERP page.

What Is Successful Social Media Not

Automated content has nothing to do with a strong social media presence. Sure, keep your social media connected to your blog posts, but don't solely rely on that for new content. Users want to see actual human engagement, not a lifeless presence. And it's very easy to tell when there's an actual social media team behind a Twitter post.

Social Media and SEO

According to Forbes, social media boosts your SEO by encouraging page shares, which generates traffic to your website. Posting to social media also gives you the opportunity to build links, increase user engagement and expand your brand presence. But most importantly, great social media marketing with genuine end-user engagement will rank much higher on search engines. digital marketing and social media  

Digital Marketing Would Be Nothing Without SEO

Search engine optimization will always be an essential part of digital marketing. The reason some of us thought it was dead is that it doesn't look the same anymore. Keyword stuffing is out. Responsive, personalized, mobile-friendly, and quality content is in. Who knows what's next for SEO? But one thing is for certain: it'll live forever! If your website is running on old SEO fumes and your search rankings are suffering, it may be time to rethink your digital marketing strategy. If you thought that SEO was dead, then there's a good chance your website isn't working for you anymore. Connect with a professional SEO firm to bring your website into the new year and to the top of search pages. Contact Awkward Media today to discuss your digital marketing plans for 2017.
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