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Our Client:
Yumba has a mission to deliver fresh, chef-cooked food to your doorstep. This will eliminate food and packaging waste, and provide convenient/affordable meals - all while maintaining a delicious and fresh taste.
"You save money and we save waste, because we know exactly what to order."
- Yumba
With deliveries to Toronto, Mississauga, Vaughan, and Richmond Hill, this food subscription service offers gourmet, healthy meals, crafted by local chefs for only $10.99/meal.

Members order their weekly meals through the extensive list of recipes on the website. They simply have to heat their food up once delivered. Orders include: ready to eat chef creations, fresh local ingredients, 100% reusable packaging, as well as signature chef sauces.

Our Role:
We were approached by the Yumba team to create a video that would express the passion behind the company by using an authentic voice and visuals. To fully achieve that, this digital ad was shot in the Yumba kitchen, featuring one of their Founder's and chefs.
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