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Our Client:
Osmow's started out as a little Sub shop in Streetsville, Mississauga over 18 years ago. Since then they've rebranded their restaurant as a Quick Serve Middle Eastern Restaurant and have expanded all over with 85+ locations!
Our Role:
Our team created this ad for Osmows that ran on TSN during the entirety of the NBA Playoffs. The Toronto Raptor's two key players, Fred Vanvleet and Norman Powell are shown in the ad, claiming Osmows as the 'go to' spot for shawarma in the city.

The concept behind this commercial was simple. Make Osmows synonymous with middle eastern food.The commercial ended up doing extremely well and increased their sales by 35%- 40%.

"A lot of people almost got that validation from the commercials that they should go and try this place," says Osmow. "I get messages every single day from our franchisees talking about customers that came in because of the commercial. (The commercials) are a point of introduction and that was our whole purpose: introduce people to the brand and what it's about."

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