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Puppy Gang Fresh Foods
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about the client:
Puppy Gang Fresh Foods is a subscription service for your furry family member.

Your dog!

This Toronto-based company is passionate about feeding our dogs healthy and nutritious food. They work alongside a holistic veterinarian to create meals that include NO fillers, grains, or processed ingredients.

They've made this as convenient as possible by delivering a variety of pre-prepared meal options straight to the customer's doorstep or arranged UPS pick-up location.

  "We take the guesswork out of cooking for your dog by carefully researching, selecting ingredients and gently cooking it for you."
- puppy gang team

our role:
As Puppy Gang was recently Founded - in 2019 - we took over their social media to help build a reputable brand, sell the importance of their service, and educate their audience on the importance of freshly prepared food vs the traditional kibble.
puppy gang social
the project:
Our overall goal was to build the Puppy Gang brand, grow an audience, and convert Followers into loyal customers. The following results come from the past 3 months:


Considering Puppy Gang is a Toronto-based company, we wanted to push the focus onto the GTA and local market. Before we started, only 2 out of 5 of the top location followings were local, where they're now 4 out of 5.

"Our goal is that your pup is eating just as healthy as we do, and that through the right nutrition has a long, healthy and happy life with you."
- puppy gang team


The Puppy Gang Instagram account started off with 930 Followers and increased to 1240 within 3 months. On average, that's about 100 new Followers a month.

new organic
followers a month.
Puppy Gang Puppy


We noticed that the Instagram posts with the most engagement and Likes were the bright, high-quality images that showed people interacting (feeding, playing, etc.) with dogs. This is the content that we quickly decided we needed to focus on.

We also know how important it is to use real stats & knowledge to further sell the importance of the product and service. This includes using captions to elaborate on the topics of: health benefits, dog concerns, breeds, death stats, obesity rates, etc.

puppy gang social

The end goal of the Puppy Gang Instagram account is to push traffic to the website and convert 'clicks' into 'sales'. Within 3 months, we brought in 2-3X the results with an average of 350-450 weekly profile visits.

To further encourage engagement, we'll continue to host Giveaways and Events, go Live for real-time discussions and include interactive stories.

increase in weekly
Puppy Gang Puppy

Overall, we've proven to be successful at growing the Puppy Gang audience and increasing brand awareness. We will continue to work behind-the-scenes (as well as directly with the company) to turn Followers into loyal consumers.
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