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the portable saw
Our Client:
Starting in the family garage, The Portable Saw has developed a unique product it wanted to showcase to home improvement lovers - after following a journey of creation and innovation.

Products are designed and tested in the ultimate test lab, as The Portable Sawest had a desire to engineer the highest quality equipment that would allow consumers to craft and built with safety and ease.

The Portable Saw

The Portable Saw
"We love the challenges that come our way, and we choose tools that enable us to adapt and overcome any job."
- The Portable Saw Team

Introduce their newest product - a handheld electric power saw - to the online world. We built them a store on Shopify and wanted to generate as much sales as possible within the shortest amount of time.
The Portable Saw

Our Role:
To generate as many sales as possible for the lowest possible cost per conversion and the highest return on ad spend.
From ZERO in sales to over $40,000 in first two weeks!
3rd week to 5th week $80,000 in sales
$160,000 the 2nd month!
The Portable Saw Results 1
The Portable Saw Results 2
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