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Understand The Buyer's Journey And Watch Your Business Soar
May 23, 2019Awkward Media
Every buyer - knowingly or not - goes through a process before purchasing a product or service.
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Tips to Creating Conversion-Ready Landing Pages
May 22, 2019Awkward Media
Landing pages are one of the true backbones of online marketing.
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Reel In More Customers With Optimized Forms
May 16, 2019Awkward Media
Transforming your website's visitors into leads is hard work, but you want to make sure potential customers don't do any of that heavy lifting.
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Calls-to-Action That Rock and Actually Work
May 14, 2019Awkward Media
Calls-to-action are a simple addition to any digital marketing element and is proven to produce results.
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Wow Your Boss With These Marketing Stats
May 8, 2019Awkward Media
Marketing "goals" and "objectives" will only get you so far (though if you need assistance with your marketing strategy, we can help).
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Tips to Jumpstart your Emails
May 7, 2019Awkward Media
One of the most important digital marketing tactics a small to medium-sized business can execute are thoughtful and targeted email marketing campaigns.
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How to Create Buyer Personas
April 30, 2019Awkward Media
The first stage of any comprehensive digital marketing plan is to understand who your ideal customers are.
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How to Create Irresistible Offers
April 24, 2019Awkward Media
Marketing is all about getting people to buy into your business and give you that elusive "yes".
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Digital Strategies To Help Your Business Win Mother's Day
April 23, 2019Awkward Media
Mother's Day is just around the corner.
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Knock Your Website Redesign Out Of The Park With 5 SEO Tips (Part 2)
April 17, 2019Awkward Media
When you redesign your website, you want it to be perfect.
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Social Media Marketing Strategy JUST For Stories
April 17, 2019Awkward Media
Since Snapchat launched Stories in 2013, the feature has increased in popularity across social media.
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Use Contests to Turbocharge Your Instagram Reach
April 15, 2019Awkward Media
Unless you've been living under a rock for the past few years, you know that Instagram is a hit on both personal and professional social media landscapes.
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Knock Your Website Redesign Out Of The Park With These 5 SEO Tips (PART 1)
April 10, 2019Awkward Media
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is like the support staff behind your favourite baseball team.
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Awkward Media Listed Amongst Top SEO Agencies in Canada
April 9, 2019Awkward Media
Here at Awkward Media, we are a full-service marketing agency with a strange name.
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Infographics: The Power of Visuals
April 8, 2019Awkward Media
With respect to digital content, the best advice is to show not tell, and to remember, that something dynamic is more likely to engage than simple black text.
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Instagram Etiquette: A Crash Course for Business Owners
April 4, 2019Awkward Media
If you run a business, chances are you've created an Instagram profile for that business (if you haven't, check out Awkward Media's post on getting your business' profile up and running).
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The Best April Fools Pranks of 2019
April 2, 2019Awkward Media
We always see it coming, but somehow April Fool’s Day catches us all every year.
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How to Build your Facebook Audience
April 1, 2019Awkward Media
One question has stumped philosophers since first posed: If a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?
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Is Your Business Ready For Its Own App?
March 27, 2019Awkward Media
Mobile apps are top of mind for everyone these days, and this shouldn't be a surprise.
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How to Optimize a Landing Page
March 25, 2019Awkward Media
Businesses are constantly trying to attract users to their website via different tactics like ads, content marketing, social media or search engines to finally turn them into leads.
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Using Facebook to Attract New Customers
March 20, 2019Awkward Media
Marketing managers and business owners understand that they need a Facebook presence.
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Top 5 Digital Advertising Myths
March 19, 2019Awkward Media
With digital advertising, what's en vogue today is a mistake tomorrow.
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Listing Your Business on Online Directories: A (Mostly) Great Idea
March 6, 2019Awkward Media
Yes, the Yellow Pages still exist.
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Optimize your Mobile Website Like a Pro
March 4, 2019Awkward Media
There’s no point in reviewing the stats that prove most people search and browse the web on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.
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Infographics that Pack a Punch in 4 Easy Steps
February 27, 2019Awkward Media
The internet is inundated with information.
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How Much Will Zion’s Shoegate Affect Nike's Brand
February 26, 2019Awkward Media
Sport fans and media have been known to overreact.
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Do You Suck At Writing?
February 25, 2019Awkward Media
Boring or poorly written blogs are the worst.
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7 Mobile Apps Your Business Should Already Be Marketing On
February 20, 2019Awkward Media
Lots of businesses are rushing to create their own mobile apps, which can take time and money to do right.
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4 Simple Ways to Optimize your Instagram Posts
February 18, 2019Awkward Media
Optimization might sound boring or daunting but without it every small to medium-sized business would be screaming pointlessly into the digital void.
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Fyre Festival: Breaking Down The Marketing Strategy That Went Viral
February 12, 2019Awkward Media
By now, Fyre Festival is well known as the luxury music event that flopped spectacularly.
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7 Marketing Trends to Grow Your B2B Business
February 12, 2019Awkward Media
If you’re looking to grow your B2B business, there are seven marketing strategies you can’t skip out on.
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How to Generate Leads on Facebook
February 12, 2019Awkward Media
The majority of small to medium-sized businesses need a Facebook presence to grow their business.
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Get Romantic With Your Digital Marketing Strategy This Valentine’s Day
February 7, 2019Awkward Media
Love is in the air, and it should be in your digital marketing strategy, too.
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Thinking About Hiring a Digital Agency?
February 4, 2019Awkward Media
Many small to medium-sized businesses do not have the time and resources to plan and execute a digital marketing strategy.
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How to Plan Your Social Media Strategy
January 31, 2019Awkward Media
If you’re in the midst of planning out your 2019 digital marketing strategy, there’s no avoiding social media any longer.
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Instagram: A Beginner's Guide for Businesses
January 27, 2019Awkward Media
If you own a small to medium-sized business, then you have probably spent some time building audiences on social networks like Facebook and Twitter to promote your content and drive business.
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Email Subject Lines That Work
January 24, 2019Awkward Media
How often do you get bombarded by promotional emails daily? Newsletters, webinars, sales, new products, abandoned carts, post-purchases.
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Tips to Build and Engage a Social Media Audience
January 21, 2019Awkward Media
It's easy to start a social media account for your small to medium-sized business.
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Content Planning for 2019
January 16, 2019Awkward Media
Every aspect of our lives revolves around setting and accomplishing goals.
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Five SEO Myths to Leave Behind in 2019
January 15, 2019Awkward Media
If your business is hoping to gain ground with search engines in 2019, you will need to build a strategy based on facts not myth.
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2018 Digital Marketing Takeaways
January 9, 2019Awkward Media
You’ve probably noticed that this time of the year comes with a lot of list making.
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Digital Marketing Trends for 2019
January 9, 2019Awkward Media
It’s a new year, and while that could mean a new set of rules, one fact hasn’t changed: Digital marketing is still a business’ most powerful marketing tool.
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Build Your Marketing Strategy for 2019: PART II
January 2, 2019Awkward Media
In last week’s blog, we went over the first steps to building your 2019 marketing strategy.
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Measure your Digital Marketing Results
December 26, 2018Awkward Media
What good is a strong and thorough SEO strategy if you don’t measure the results? The results help you better understand if your time and money are being well spent and if there are any gaps in your strategy.
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Building Your Marketing Strategy for 2019: PART I
December 19, 2018Awkward Media
It’s nearing the end of 2018, and for all you business owners that means taking the time to revisit your digital marketing plan and do some serious refining.
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Get Your Business Ready for the Holidays!
December 14, 2018Awkward Media
Who says the Black Friday momentum is lost.
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Low Cost Tactics to Promote your Content
December 13, 2018Awkward Media
Creating content can often be the easy part of the job and that’s saying something.
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Tips to Optimize your Website for Mobile
December 10, 2018Awkward Media
Mobile visits are rising every year and as of spring 2018 they accounted for almost 65% of website visits.
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How Much Does the Average SEO Strategy Cost?
December 5, 2018Awkward Media
When it comes to the marketing budget, most business owners have heard of the 5% rule.
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Improve your Website’s Performance
December 3, 2018Awkward Media
Your website is your business’ digital storefront.
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Tag Like a Pro: SEO Tips You Can´t Miss
November 29, 2018Awkward Media
The rules of SEO keep changing.
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How URLs Can Make or Break Your SEO Strategy
November 21, 2018Awkward Media
When it comes to implementing a search engine optimization strategy, it’s important you cover all your bases.
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The Importance of Keyword Selection
November 19, 2018Awkward Media
Keyword selection is crucial to SEO.
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Top Cyber Monday Strategies of 2018
November 15, 2018Awkward Media
The Monday following Thanksgiving has been nicknamed Cyber Monday since 2005, when Shop.
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How to Stand Out on Black Friday
November 13, 2018Awkward Media
Black Friday is a big day for retailers.
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Top 5 Thanksgiving Contests to Run on Social Media
November 8, 2018Awkward Media
By now, it’s no secret that social media engagement increases followers, customer loyalty, and brand awareness.
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Tips to Get More Website Referrals
November 7, 2018Awkward Media
Referrals help a website build authority, and this authority helps Google decide whether to index your website.
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How to Get your Business to Google’s First Page
October 31, 2018Awkward Media
Every small to medium-sized business wants to reach the first page of Google for certain keywords.
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SEO: The Ultimate Guide for Small and Medium Sized Businesses
October 29, 2018Awkward Media
Improving your SEO takes a multi-faceted approach.
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Small and Medium-Sized Businesses Need SEO
October 25, 2018Awkward Media
In today’s digital landscape, there are few things that will drive leads and sales more than a strong presence on search engines.
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Tips for Improving Your PPC Campaign
October 17, 2018Awkward Media
When it comes to PPC campaigns, there’s always room for improvement.
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How Long Does It Take to See Results from My SEO Strategy?
October 11, 2018Awkward Media
It’s only natural.
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SCARY Good Tricks to Increase Your Traffic for Halloween
October 4, 2018Awkward Media
Halloween is less than a month away, which means it's time to figure out ways to use this popular holiday to scare up some additional traffic to your website.
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Crafting a SEO Strategy: Agency, In-house or DIY?
October 2, 2018Awkward Media
To survive and thrive in the digital age, every small and medium-sized business (SMB) must commit to a SEO strategy to drive traffic to their website and increase sales.
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Get Your First Instagram Followers With these Simple Steps
September 26, 2018Awkward Media
Instagram needs no introduction.
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How to Choose the Right Kind of Blog Topics for Better Engagement
September 19, 2018Awkward Media
New and veteran bloggers alike struggle with finding fun and interesting blog topics from time to time.
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5 SEO Mistakes You're Making That You Need to Fix Right Now
September 11, 2018Awkward Media
There's a reason so many businesses—from one-person operations to giant corporations—spend so much time and effort in ensuring their SEO strategy is exactly on track.
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How to Attract More Visitors to your Website
September 6, 2018Awkward Media
As you craft a digital strategy, every tactic should attract more visitors to your website.
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Five Common Social Media Mistakes
August 29, 2018Awkward Media
Small to medium-sized businesses are still learning how to navigate the world of social media.
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Five Ways to Distribute your Content
August 22, 2018Awkward Media
Congrats! You’ve crafted a compelling piece of content like a blog post or a podcast or even a stunning infographic.
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The Best Local SEO Strategies to Implement Right Now
August 16, 2018Awkward Media
Every business owner needs to understand local SEO.
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Tips for Law Firms to Convert Website Traffic into Clients
August 8, 2018Awkward Media
Not long ago, a law firm could launch a basic website, whose greatest function was a contact us form, and still enjoy some form of a return.
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Get More Reviews to Impact SEO
July 31, 2018Awkward Media
As a business operating in the digital age, you need a strategy to compel your customers to leave online reviews.
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Keyword Research: How to set up your SEO Campaign
July 24, 2018Awkward Media
A proper search engine optimization (SEO) campaign starts by finding the right keywords to drive traffic to your website.
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This May Be Why Nobody is Reading your Blog
July 18, 2018Awkward Media
Even though you pour time and thought into your blog, it can sometimes feel pointless and unsatisfying like screaming into the void.
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The 6 Best Tools for WordPress SEO
July 11, 2018Awkward Media
WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that features templates and plugins to build websites and blog platforms.
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Google Analytics: Tips to Make your Website More Conversion-Oriented
July 4, 2018Awkward Media
Google Analytics is a web analytics tool that provides insights into how visitors interact with your website.
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Website Traffic: How to Capitalize on World Cup Fever
June 27, 2018Awkward Media
Remember how the green Versace dress that Jennifer Lopez wore to the Grammy’s led to the creation of Google Images?
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Father's Day: Here are 4 Tips to Gear up Your PPC Marketing Campaign
June 13, 2018Awkward Media
In case you didn’t already know, Father’s day is around the corner folks! Ahem, this Sunday June 17th.
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5 Reasons why Facebook Ads can get you the Highest ROI
June 7, 2018Awkward Media
Just like any of your dollars, you’re marketing dollars are real dollars too.
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The Best Times to Post on Social Media for your Digital Marketing Strategy
May 30, 2018Awkward Media
So you’ve finally got a digital marketing strategy down, and are posting killer content on the regs—awesome!
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How Images Can Make or Break Your Website's SEO
May 24, 2018Awkward Media
A website without images is a boring thing.
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5 Things Your Law Firm Website Needs to Boost Your SEO
May 16, 2018Awkward Media
If you handle your law firm's website, you might have already realized that it takes more than simply being Online to get noticed by potential clients.
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Guest Posting: How to Submit to Other Sites Using Only White Hat SEO
May 9, 2018Awkward Media
Guest blogging is SEO 101.
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A Few Things Successful Mommy Bloggers Have Taught Us About SEO
May 2, 2018Awkward Media
Whether you were actively seeking one or not, chances are you've entered the mommy blogosphere.
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Avoid Shopping Cart Abandonment With These Simple Tricks
April 25, 2018Awkward Media
If you run an online store, the best sound in the world is the little ding on your phone that indicates a sale just went through.
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Free & Beginner-Friendly SEO Resources and How to Use Them
April 18, 2018Awkward Media
You've got your freshly minted website sitting right in front of you and you're ready to tackle your content.
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The Best Wordpress SEO Plugins for People Who Don't Have Time for SEO
April 12, 2018Awkward Media
While we shouldn't rely exclusively on tools to do our job for us, using these SEO plugins is a great way to stay on top of key factors that improve our rankings and to get a better understanding of what's needed to optimize your content.
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Top 10 Podcasts to Listen to for Free Digital Marketing Advice
April 5, 2018Awkward Media
A podcast is a genius way to stay connected with your fans while offering free advice.
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Email Marketing Changes and Trends to Look for in 2018
March 29, 2018Awkward Media
Even if you press the delete button on emails and company newsletters without giving them a passing glance, email marketing continues to be one of the most successful forms of marketing in terms of return on investment.
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10 Very Good Signs Podcasting Is the Right Move for You
March 22, 2018Awkward Media
They said that television killed radio a long time ago, but podcasting has resurrected the old medium in a completely modern way.
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5 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Digital Clutter
March 15, 2018Awkward Media
Despite the terrible Nor'easter that seems to be sticking to Toronto like an unwanted house guest, spring is just around the corner.
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The True Story Of Carolyn Davidson And The Iconic Nike Logo
March 7, 2018Awkward Media
Few logos are more recognizable than the Nike swoosh.
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How to Handle the (Sometimes) Inevitable Content Burnout
February 28, 2018Awkward Media
If you've been working solidly on your content for months or years, you might have experienced that annoying sensation of hitting a brick wall.
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Awkward Media is a Top Digital Agency on Clutch!
February 26, 2018Awkward Media
As a team of experienced and ambitious marketing experts based in Toronto, Canada, Awkward Media has successfully built brands through creative digital solutions and design since its founding in 2010.
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Social Media Influencers: How They Can Affect Your SEO
February 22, 2018Awkward Media
If you consider yourself an old-school kind of business owner, then the words "social media influencer" might not mean a whole lot to you.
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10 SEO Google Chrome Extensions You Should Be Using Right Now
February 15, 2018Awkward Media
No matter what web host you decide to go with, you will still have to use an internet browser to sign in to your website.
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Building Your Own Website? 5 DIY Website Fails to Avoid
February 5, 2018Awkward Media
You may be tempted to build your own DIY website for a lot of reasons.
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How to Stay on Track of Your Digital Marketing Resolutions
January 25, 2018Awkward Media
The end of January is the perfect time of the new year to check in and see how you're doing with your New Years Resolutions to improve your digital marketing.
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How to Use Your Local SEO Strategy to Beat out the Heavy Competition
January 18, 2018Awkward Media
Do you ever wonder how two great coffee shops standing right next to each other have completely different success rates? Why does one coffee shop flounder while the other one thrives? While there may be more than one explanation, the answer could lie in local SEO.
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Increase Your Facebook Followers Without Spending a Dime
January 10, 2018Awkward Media
Are you on Facebook? If the answer is no, then what are you waiting for? Using Facebook to promote your brand or business has the potential to reach millions of future customers and readers.
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Back to Basics: An Introduction to Search Engine Optimization
January 3, 2018Awkward Media
It's 2018, and if you don't know what search engine optimization is by now, you might want to ask yourself if you've fully embraced digital marketing.
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Memorable Marketing Fails of 2017 That Make Us Cringe
December 27, 2017Awkward Media
As January approaches, it's time to reflect on the year we just had: the ups, the downs, the moments we'd rather forget.
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Black Hat SEO: Are You on Santa's Naughty List This Year?
December 21, 2017Awkward Media
If you’ve been using black hat SEO practices, you might just find coal in your stocking this Christmas.
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5 Website Fails That Make You Look Like an Amateur
December 13, 2017Awkward Media
Designing your website has never been so easy.
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PPC: Attract Quality Leads by Avoiding These Common Errors
December 11, 2017Awkward Media
Pay-per-click marketing, or PPC, is a fast(er) approach to attracting traffic to your website.
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Link Building: A Rough Guide to Improving Your SEO
December 1, 2017Awkward Media
When it comes to organically improving your SEO, everyone agrees that link building is crucial.
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Improve Your Holiday SEO With These 5 Easy Tricks
November 23, 2017Awkward Media
'Tis the season for online shopping! This time of year, people literally don't stop buying gifts for their loved ones until their banks are in overdraft and their credit card companies send them angry letters.
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Search Engine Optimization: Does Your Website Really, Really Need It?
November 16, 2017Awkward Media
Search engine optimization, or SEO, is one of those terms that you don't stop hearing about the moment you build a new website or start a new business.
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Mobile SEO: 5 Key Concepts to Understand For Local Business Success
February 7, 2017Awkward Media
Take this SEO advice and put it in your pocket: forget about desktop SEO.
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Personal Injury Law Firms SEO: Going After Local Fish With the Right Bait
January 31, 2017Awkward Media
Do Personal Injury Law Firms Really Need SEO?
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Niche Market SEO: What Your Website Needs to Get Noticed
January 26, 2017Awkward Media
When Mainstream Just Ain't Your Thing
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White Hat vs. Black Hat SEO: A Case of Good Against Evil?
January 24, 2017Awkward Media
There is a Darker Side to SEO - You're going to have to forgive me.
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Social Media Giveaways: How to Improve Your SEO
January 19, 2017Awkward Media
Everyone, young and old, knows that getting free gifts is the only real fun part about birthdays.
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Latent Semantic Indexing and the Art of Conversation
January 17, 2017Awkward Media
What is Latent Semantic Indexing and Why, Oh Why, Do we Have to Learn It?
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Off-Page SEO: What is it and Should We Be Scared?
January 13, 2017Awkward Media
Now We Have Off-Page SEO to Worry About?!
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3 Questions to Bring to Your First Branding Strategy Meeting
January 11, 2017Awkward Media
A Brand is Your Company's Personality No matter how big your business is, how you interact with customers, what you're selling or where you are, one truth is consistent across the board: you need a branding strategy.
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3 E-Commerce Link-Building Basics for Improved Search Result Ranking
January 5, 2017Awkward Media
Link-Building Steps for Your E-Commerce Site If your e-commerce site is new to the world, then you likely don't have a lot of backlinks.
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5 Ways to Improve Your Website Speed (And Boost Your Conversions)
January 3, 2017Awkward Media
Who Has Time to Wait Anymore? The statistics don't lie.
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New Business New Year's Resolution for a Profitable 2017
December 29, 2016Awkward Media
Is Your New Business Ready for its Debut? The new year is almost upon us.
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Top 3 Most Memorable Marketing Moments of 2016
December 28, 2016Awkward Media
The World of Digital Marketing in 2016 Let's face it.
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5 Holiday Content Marketing Tips for a Holly Jolly Christmas
December 22, 2016Awkward Media
Spread the Holiday Cheer Sunday is Christmas, it's practically here! If your holiday marketing campaign has got you feeling more like a Grinch than a jolly old elf, then never fear! If people can wait until Christmas Eve to do the bulk of their shopping, then you still have time to give your holiday content marketing a final push.
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Does Digital Marketing Make Room for Search Engine Optimization?
December 20, 2016Awkward Media
Is SEO Still Alive and Kicking? In case you're too impatient to wait until the end, the answer is yes, SEO is still around and yes, the only way that digital marketing can be effective is by using a relevant SEO strategy.
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Personas: How Make Believe Can Improve Your SEO
December 15, 2016Awkward Media
How Do Personas Influence SEO? Starting a marketing campaign from scratch is incredibly labour intensive.
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7 On-Page SEO Tools You Should Already Be Using by 2017
December 13, 2016Awkward Media
Do You Have an On-Page SEO New Year's Resolution? While some of our friends and family are thinking of losing weight, saving money, or getting a dog, your New Year's resolution might be to have better SERP rankings.
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Our Top 5 Website Performance Testing Tools of 2016
December 8, 2016Awkward Media
The Performance Testing Year-End Review is Here Ah, December.
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No Backlinks? 4 Tips to Earn Links for Your New Blog
December 6, 2016Awkward Media
Does Zero Backlinks Mean Zero Ranking? Whether you're new to the blogging world or you're starting all over again, there's no doubt you're facing an uphill battle.
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How Authenticity Boosts Your Local SEO a.k.a. Street Cred
December 1, 2016Awkward Media
How Local Are You Really? Everyone knows that businesses get hipster brownie points if they can market themselves as local.
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6 Multilingual SEO Strategies for an Über Bueno Website
November 29, 2016Awkward Media
Is Multilingual SEO on Your To-Do List? We often take for granted how lucky we are to speak the internet's mother tongue.
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5 Ways to Fix Facebook Ads That Aren't Working For You
November 24, 2016Awkward Media
About to Give Up on Your Facebook Ads? If you're about to tear your hair out because all your time, money and effort put into creating Facebook ads has shown you a very pathetic return on investment, don't despair.
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5 Website Must-Haves for Better Search Engine Optimization
November 22, 2016Awkward Media
Creating a New Website? Whether you're saying goodbye to your old website or you're starting from scratch, you probably want to build a website that's beautiful, responsive and visible.
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5 Lead Generation Techniques You Should Be Using Today
November 17, 2016Awkward Media
Lead Generation Doesn't Happen on its Own Field of Dreams lied to us.
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How Donald Trump's Personal Brand Won the Election
November 15, 2016Awkward Media
How Did Donald Win? No matter who you voted for, we can all agree that Donald Trump's victory in the presidential election was nothing short of fascinating.
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5 SEO Trends for 2017 That You Should Be Implementing Now
November 10, 2016Awkward Media
SEO Trends Are Always Changing Search engine optimization is in a constant state of flux.
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5 Reasons Google Hates Your Website
November 8, 2016Awkward Media
Google is the Boss If you're curious about the world and dependent on the web to give you answers to all of life's questions like everyone else on the planet, then you've likely realized how many times a day you visit Google.
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Small Business: 5 Tips for Search Engine Optimization
November 3, 2016Awkward Media
Are you a new small business owner? You’ve recently taken the plunge and started a small business.
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SEO vs. PPC: Choosing the Right Marketing Strategy
November 1, 2016Awkward Media
Choosing the right way to effectively spend your time, energy and money on digital marketing can be a challenge.
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Watch: 3 Super Easy Ways to Boost Your Local SEO!
September 22, 2016Awkward Media
Super Easy Ways to Boost Your Local SEO!
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Local SEO: 10 Quick Tips explained in 10 Marvelous gifs!
July 21, 2016Awkward Media
Local SEO has become one of the most important things to consider when building an online presence.
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2016 Mid-Year SEO Trends Round-Up
July 19, 2016Awkward Media
Finding ways to stay on top of SEO technologies is vital for your website’s exposure.
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Online Branding: 3 Useful Steps to Get Ahead
July 12, 2016Awkward Media
Online branding is the key to any process of building authority for your initiative or product.
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Content Marketing and Social Media: Why LinkedIn Matters
July 7, 2016Awkward Media
Social media has become one of the most important content marketing tools.
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Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Why It's Essential!
June 30, 2016Awkward Media
Here’s an obvious fact: most people who own a computer probably use the Internet everyday.
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Content Marketing: 4 Reasons Why it's Not Working for You
June 23, 2016Awkward Media
Marketing your service or product online involves a lot of factors.
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5 Great Tools for Social Media Management
June 16, 2016Awkward Media
There’s no such thing as good promotion today without social media.
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Editorial Calendars: How Do You Build A Successful One?
June 9, 2016Awkward Media
There’s no magic formula when it comes to building the perfect blog.
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Editorial Calendars: What's the Big Deal?
June 3, 2016Awkward Media
Blogging has become one of the best ways to connect with audiences.
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The Value of Design: Steve Jobs and the $100,000 Logo
May 12, 2016Awkward Media
Huddle around the digital campfire, folks.
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5 Compelling Reasons to Hire a Web Designer
April 12, 2016Awkward Media
700, 701, 702, 70…oh sorry, I didn’t see you there.
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Website Builders: To Use, or Not Use, That is the Question
April 6, 2016Awkward Media
Here at Awkward Media, we’ve been musing on personal branding recently, and some of strategies around building a personal empire, or even just your own vegetable garden.
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4 Strategies to Help Your Personal Branding Journey
March 24, 2016Awkward Media
Last time, I talked about the importance of personal branding.
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A Tribe Called Quest - Check The Rhime
March 23, 2016Awkward Media
RIP Phife.
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Personal Branding: Building the Brand of ‘You’
March 15, 2016Awkward Media
In an unprecedented era of self-expression there’s an endless amount of ways to participate.
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5 Things You Can Do to Boost Your Local SEO
February 22, 2016Awkward Media
Maybe you’ve just opened an ultra-hip coffee shop, roasting your own beans, scoffing people who ask for decaf, and are waiting for the loyal customers (addicts) to roll in.
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Branding Hearts: A History of Valentines Day Marketing
February 11, 2016Awkward Media
Whether we’re single, happily married or something in between, we all know Valentines Day is on the way.
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Content Marketing Strategy: A Step-by-Step Guide
February 4, 2016Awkward Media
Last week, we covered what content marketing is and why it’s a valuable tool to have.
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Donald: How you can't Trump the Content Marketing Game
February 2, 2016Awkward Media
There is quite honestly nothing more frightening, off putting and infuriating than watching America's Presidential campaign.
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Content Marketing: What is it and why do you need it?
January 28, 2016Awkward Media
Ok, before we let you know why you need it, let’s define content marketing.
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Responsive Web Design: What you don't know, and what you should
January 26, 2016Awkward Media
Before I jump into Responsive Web Design, I'm going to ask you, dear readers, to enter the database of information that is your brain.
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4 Ways to Design your Website…So it Converts
January 21, 2016Awkward Media
Build it, and they will come.
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Bowie the Brand: Lessons from Music's Most Popular Outsider
January 19, 2016Awkward Media
How to make a Brand like Bowie It's a new year and with it brings a new hope, new perspective, and new beginnings.
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What We Talk About When We Talk About Branding
January 14, 2016Awkward Media
"Branding? Of course I know about branding!" Branding.
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SUBWAY, Life After Jerry: A Brand Scorned or Reborn?
January 12, 2016Awkward Media
It’s difficult to be at the top of the food chain, and even more to be at the top of the fast food chain.
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7 Genius uses of Social Media Marketing in 2015 (Pt. 2)
December 31, 2015Awkward Media
Welcome to the much anticipated second half of 7 Genius uses of Social Media Marketing in 2015.
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7 Genius uses of Social Media Marketing in 2015 (Pt. 1)
December 29, 2015Awkward Media
To say that Social Media has become a major part of our lives would be the understatement of the year, and more appropriate for a post from 2008.
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Our Christmas Gift To You
December 25, 2015Awkward Media
You're probably tired of watching Home Alone and Elf by now.
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4 last minute SEO tips for the holidays
December 17, 2015Awkward Media
It’s the most wonderful time of the year, until you realize we are knee deep in the holiday season, your website is rather lacking on the whole festive front and you haven’t thought about what to get your bae.
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5 Ways ISIS is Dominating Modern Social Media
December 8, 2015Awkward Media
Unless you’ve been under a rock for the last couple years, you’re probably aware of the organization ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) and their less than amiable physical attacks across the pond.
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Milly Rock - 2 Milly
December 2, 2015Awkward Media
This is what the young kids call, 'A BIG TRACK'.
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5 Dating tips you can be using for SEO
November 27, 2015Awkward Media
We here at awkward media are well aware of the lady-killers that frequent our site and our services.
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3 Major Brands With Shitty Websites
August 25, 2015Awkward Media
Great web design and content is always about the best and most efficient way to engage and serve its users.
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J. Balvin - Ay Vamos
July 23, 2015Awkward Media
On repeat for days now.
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Ana Tijoux - 1977
June 4, 2015Awkward Media
Something about this song.
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Kendrick Lamar - King Kunta
May 26, 2015Awkward Media
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3 Logo Proposals That Were Shot Down By Our Clients
April 28, 2015Awkward Media
Sometimes, in this business, you design something for a client so mind blowing, so world changing, so honest, that the client can’t handle the level of dopeness.
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8 Sites You Should Bookmark For Free Stock Images
April 20, 2015Awkward Media
A picture is worth a thousand words.
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Nicki Minaj - Only ft. Drake, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown
February 24, 2015Awkward Media
Nicki Minaj - Only ft. Drake, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown
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Vic Mensa - Hollywood LA
February 18, 2015Awkward Media
Why did it take so long for Vic Mensa to blow up? https://www.
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Purple Swag - A$AP Rocky
January 20, 2015Awkward Media
Dedicated to A$AP Yams.
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Kiesza - Hideaway
January 14, 2015Awkward Media
Another cool ass vid.
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Vic Mensa - Down On My Luck
January 5, 2015Awkward Media
Vic Mensa - Down On My Luck
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Chet Faker - Gold
December 18, 2014Awkward Media
Cool song.
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Rae Sremmurd - No Type
November 21, 2014Awkward Media
Fresh off their 'No Flex Zone' smash, they come out with another certified hit.
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TREY SONGZ - Foreign
November 12, 2014Awkward Media
Big shout out to Little X for directing this video.
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Rich Gang - Lifestyle
October 21, 2014Awkward Media
This would be a horrible karaoke song.
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TGIF Throwdown - Handsome and Wealthy - Migos
October 10, 2014Awkward Media
"Is it because I'm handsome and wealthy???" - BEST.
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One of the most unique voices in music - The Weeknd
October 9, 2014Awkward Media
One of the most unique voices in music - The Weeknd
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Weekly TGIF Throwdown
October 3, 2014Awkward Media
This track is hottness squared.
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Bored at work? Slap on those headphones and click play. Right now.
September 30, 2014Awkward Media
Bored at work? Slap on those headphones and click play. Right now.
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A little latin flavour never hurt anybody
September 29, 2014Awkward Media
A little latin flavour never hurt anybody
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