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5 Reasons Your Business Should Invest in a Start-Up Explainer Video!
It's no secret that video marketing has boomed over the last several years, and if you've ever used video content for online branding or marketing purposes, you've probably heard of "explainer videos". An explainer video is a brief online marketing video used to explain your company's product or service. They frequently include animated and enticing visuals that can grab the viewer's attention, instantly.  Businesses of all sizes (and across all industries) can use them to introduce their brand, demonstrate their products and services, and produce shareable content that's guaranteed to get them found on the web. Businesses with limited budgets have the opportunity to outsource for more cost-effective video producers. Below, we'll address 5 reasons why businesses should invest in a start-up explainer video:

1. Showcase Your Brand

showcasing your brand

Not everyone will be acquainted with your brand from the beginning. An explainer video is an ideal solution to present your brand in a positive light, by telling a story generated from your perspective. Much like a TV show or a movie, the images and audio that your explainer video puts forward are often enough to capture the attention of viewers in a fashion that’s more efficient than text alone.

2. Enhance Conversion Rates

enhance conversion rates

Explainer videos have the ability to help you convert viewers into purchasing customers. Studies have suggested that 85% of individuals are more likely to buy a product or service AFTER they've viewed an explainer video. You can gauge your effectiveness through analytics offered by numerous online social media platforms, such as YouTube.

3. Foster Viewer Communication

foster viewer communication

Videos are more than simply the broadcasting of moving visual images. Developments in technology have enabled viewers to engage with the video they’re viewing, which can help you accomplish your marketing goals, quicker. Including links, forms, polls and surveys, explainer videos can inspire your audience to keep learning more about your products or to make a purchase. Viewer interactions are frequently conducted at the conclusion of a video as a call-to-action.

4. Attract with Enticing Content

attract with enticing content

With the increase of video marketing, the majority of online users no longer take the time to wade through text. Explainer videos provide an innovative and enticing way to acquire the interest of your audience. People are more likely to view a video from beginning to end than read a blog post or service page about your product/service. There are several ways to implement captivating visuals and audio to grab and maintain your viewers’ interest.

5. Explaining the Benefits of Your Product

explaining benefits of your product

While some products have an apparent objective, others are not as obvious.

An explainer video can help your audience discern what your product or service is about, how it’s utilized, and what benefits it provides. Seeing a product used on video results in a greater level of comprehension than with text alone. You can also clarify to your audience why they should select your product over your competitors.

To learn how you can leverage explainer videos in your marketing efforts, visit Awkward Media online or call 647-849-1082.


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To learn more about how you can leverage explainer videos in your marketing efforts, visit Awkward Media online or call 647-849-1082.
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