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3 Questions to Bring to Your First Branding Strategy Meeting

A Brand is Your Company's Personality

No matter how big your business is, how you interact with customers, what you're selling or where you are, one truth is consistent across the board: you need a branding strategy. Why? If you're not satisfied with the old "because I said so" answer, then consider the fact that your brand is your company's identity and without a clear, focused identity, your company can hardly expect to engender brand awareness or recognition. How do you expect your customers to want to know you if you don't know yourself? If your new business is getting closer to its launch, first make sure that your branding is pretty much perfect. Here are 3 basic questions to ask during your branding strategy meeting. While we're on the subject: Why not invite a professional branding firm to the party to get a better understanding of what your company needs to move past the start-up phase? giphy-75

#1: Does Your Brand Stand for Something?

What is the belief structure that guides your company? Everyone has a set of ethical values that help shape them into the people that they are. Your brand should be no different. This is called your position and your voice. Luckily, companies aren't as complicated as people, so what your brand stands for can (and probably should) be summarized in a single sentence or idea. For example, Tentree plants 10 trees for every item you buy, which reflects on its core value of sustainable production and collaborative contributions to the wellbeing of the planet. The truth is, perceived brand quality in young consumers is largely based on a brand's beliefs. Although they are selling the same thing as millions of other brands, what sets Tentree apart is their position on sustainability. Summary: Whether you're selling tires, clothes or diamond rings, your brand should stand for something. Deciding what its values are (hint: they should look a lot like your own) will help determine many other factors of your business, such as logo design, copy, web design, and marketing. giphy-77

#2: Does Your Brand Fill in the Gaps?

Unless you have a truly unique product or service and virtually zero competition, you're probably entering into an aggressive market where there are already a bazillion well-established companies that are selling pretty much the same thing. So how do you carve out a niche for yourself in an industry that is likely highly competitive? Find a way to be unique. This is a lot easier said than done. This will require more than a bit of research. Before stepping into your branding meeting, analyze similar companies and find out if they're all lacking something. Does your company fill in those gaps? How will it be unique? How will it tell its story differently than other brands? As per the wise words of Wonderlass, your product may be virtually the same but your story is unique, so don't be afraid to tell it! branding strategy is coming up with a unique story

#3: Does Your Logo Represent Your Company?

Our main piece of advice is, don't rush this part. If your brand is your company's identity then your logo is its outfit. This design should make your company instantly recognizable. In a single image, your logo should evoke an emotion and should somehow be tied to your business. The simpler the design, the more impactful it tends to be. If you look at the most recognizable logos in the world, you'll notice that the majority of them are flawlessly and intentionally simple.


A statistic that branding firms love to throw around is that colour increases brand recognition by 80%. That's too high of a number to ignore! The most famous logos (Apple, McDonald's, Google) have all strong colours. And if you look beyond their logo, you'll see that their specific shade ties the rest of their branding together into a giant bow. Whatever colour scheme you decide, make sure you're willing to live with it for years and that you use it in all of your design elements. When you're dressing to impress, the perfect outfit consists of different pieces that all fit together. Your colour scheme will tie your logo to the rest of your branding. When it comes to choosing colour, choose wisely. Colours evoke emotion without even trying, so it's important to make sure your logo is sending the right message. Are your company's colours evoking the right emotions and setting the correct tone? Here's a short list of popular company colours and their emotions and associations. For more information, click here.
  • Red: Intense emotions, passion, love, power, energy
  • Blue: trustworthiness, security, peace, productivity,
  • Green: natural, health, money, earthy, tranquility
  • Yellow: warmth, happiness, but also cowardice (yellow-bellied)
  • Orange: creativity, balance, sexuality, warmth and enthusiasm
[caption id="attachment_1256" align="aligncenter" width="600"]branding strategy requires deciding on a colour scheme How do these colours make you feel?![/caption]

Are You Ready For Your Branding Strategy Meeting?

If you're sitting there wondering if there's anything else your branding strategy needs, the answer is a great big YES. Branding is a science and is made up of interconnected components that should all work in tandem. Your branding strategy encompasses social media, packaging, marketing, promotions and web design. Branding is the first step (or second, if you include the product itself) to achieving a successful business. It's easy to be overwhelmed by the weight of your choices. That's why a branding strategy meeting is so important! If your company is struggling to come up with a brand that truly represents the core of your business, why not hire a professional branding firm? At Awkward Media, our team of brand designers and logo magicians have a proven track record of creating simple, impactful and memorable brands that outshine the competition and boost brand recognition. Drop us a line to discuss your new company's branding needs.
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