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4 last minute SEO tips for the holidays
It’s the most wonderful time of the year, until you realize we are knee deep in the holiday season, your website is rather lacking on the whole festive front and you haven’t thought about what to get your bae. Never fear, for if you are in this position, your customers more likely are as well. Even though black Friday has come and gone, there is always money to be made around the holidays. Here are some ways that you can optimize your website to help facilitate the needs of the last minute shoppers and ensure your company is more than prepared for boxing day.

1. Google trends for research, as well as the Google keywords tool

People are panicking, they’re rushing to their laptops, throwing them open and hurriedly typing in requests that closer resemble a three year old’s attempt at listing their Christmas wish list than a proper search. What they are being is direct as heck, so take note of what people are scurrying towards through Google trends. By noting what the customers are rushing towards now, this enables you to not only try and find what your company can provide that fits these needs, but also to prepare for post holiday rush. Ensure that those items are featured on your home page, or at least with crawlable links that will easily connect these hysterical consumers to your wares. hysterical

2. What’s working?

Take note on keywords that are drawing viewers at this time of year through Google stats. If your company is doing a good thing, why not emphasize that in the overall format of your website. Consider how you might market said product for the Boxing Day Sales people will be clambering to after they’ve seen all their homies with your incredible product? Make it easy for the hungry customer. Using a planning tool, such as Google’s keyword planner will allow you to take note of what keywords you’ve tracked from your company site search and expand on it, further strengthening the methods that are drawing traffic to begin with for the boxing day deals. This also allows you to hint what’s to come, drawing up some excitement for the near future. relieved

3. Consider your format

Your customer is overstretched. While racing about various shopping outlets, they’ve taken to trying to cram in some online shopping on the bus. Looking more like a pack mule than a respectable human being, they take the seat that someone has graciously offered for fear that they might collapse. Amidst all the juggling of bags, the last thing they want to stumble upon is a site that's not formatted for their device. Think about what kinds devices people are using and whether your content is easy to access for the frantic shoppers who lack the additional finger necessary to zoom into your offerings. elaine on train

4. An informed customer is a happy customer

Your poor customer is frazzled. Ever since Fashion Santa has graced the internet scene, his gorgeous burgundy scarf is the only thing that their significant other desires. Thus far, they’ve been greeted with nothing but bad news. I would seem the dashing the chic St. Nick has had quite an affect on the world, causing every burgundy scarf to be swiped off the virtual shelves. What makes your (in this scenario) scarf manufacturing company’s website stand out? Keeping them informed. Things like having your contact information in plain sight, reviews of your product beside clear and attractive photos of your product. And if you, like the others, are out of whatever sold out holiday item has online shoppers in a panic, clearly indicate when they will be available. Considerations such as having popular Q&A indexed on your site, or better yet having an easy-to-complete questions form will keep them thoroughly informed with minimal effort on their part. So this holiday season, give back to your customers by considering their last minute needs, through SEO, rather than leave them hoping they’ve been good enough this year to pull it all off. In return, you just might find that your Christmas business will be as saved as the Grinch’s soul. Happy Holidays, you filthy animals. keep the change    
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