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3 Reasons Your Facebook Ads Aren't Working
Over the years, Facebook Ads have proven to be one of the most popular advertising options (especially to those who are new to online marketing). Facebook is a very visual platform which means if you use it right - you can gain a new customer simply by catching their attention as they’re mindlessly scrolling down their News Feed. Facebook is also a way to create effective leads by putting your brand in front of Billions of potential clients. Despite the achievable success, there is also the possibility of failure or wasting time and money on sharing an ineffective ad. We want to take a look at 3 things that you may be doing wrong with your Facebook Ads (and how to fix them) !

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1. You're Targeting the Wrong Audience

targetting wrong audience

No matter where you’re marketing or what you’re selling, you must know your target audience. Facebook offers micro-targeting features that will help you to reach your exact target audience. This is beneficial for your budget, conversion rates, and ROI (return on investment) as you’re only reaching an audience that may want your products or services.
“If your ads are poorly targeted, your ads will be shown across social media to people who don’t care for them at all leading to horrible site conversion.” – Neil Patel
It may help to create different ‘Buyer Personas’ to better clarify your market. Make sure to include factors such as: age, gender, location, language, and most importantly - interests and hobbies.

If you’re still  struggling to find your target audience – Facebook offers a helpful tool:  ‘Audience Insights'.

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2. Your Ads aren’t Click-Worthy

ads arent click worthy

No different than any other ad, your Facebook Ad MUST be visually appealing and effective enough to get your scrolling audience to stop on their News Feed, Click, and Inquire more about your product and/or service. If your ad is boring – people will overlook it and keep scrolling. In addition to being more ‘clickable’ – visuals are more likely to be shared, helping to spread your company and make your brand recognizable. 
“On average, a person has to see your business, product or ad between 7-9 times before they are ready to buy from you.” – Jil W. Fox
Be creative with your use of visuals. Your ads can be images, video, GIF-like graphics or other animations. You can eventually expand your types of ads and experiment with polls, slideshow ads, carousel ads, offer ads, retargeting ads, collection ads, the options are endless!

- - - - - - - - - -

3. You’re Confusing Potential Customer

confusing potential customers

If you run a different ad for a different purpose all at once, or ask your audience to do multiple actions from one ad – you are likely confusing your potential consumer and in the end, will have no results.

It's important to use a simple and straight-forward call-to-action's alongside your ads in order to prompt those who see it, on what to do next.

For example, include phrases such as: "buy now and save", "offer ends soon", "limited supply", etc. This adds a sense of urgency and will entice your audience to act upon your proposal.

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Article Overview:
  1. Do research and focus on promoting  your ad to the right target audience
  2. Make click-worthy ads using visuals and creative graphics
  3. Keep your message simple and easy-to-understand

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