Web Design

RaptorFan.com has become a household name in Toronto if you want to see a live game. Their model is totally unique in its approach since they don’t just sell tickets to games, but also make sure you experience it in a way that most others won’t. Meeting with players, attending pre-game shoot around, box seats are all part of the RaptorFan experience.

They approached us in the offseason to redesign their site with a few additions. Instead of simply having a generic site that sold tickets, they wanted to create a central hub for all Raptor related news, media, live games and more. It was a bold move that required precision planning and execution. One of the greatest challenges was to find a balance between the go-to guys for Raptors tickets and being the #1 source for Raptors news. How do we ensure that we design a site that wants to position itself as a blog without jeopardizing its main revenue stream? You can check out our results below!

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