Local SEO: 10 Quick Tips explained in 10 Marvelous gifs!

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Local SEO has become one of the most important things to consider when building an online presence. It’s no good to come up with the best service, product, or content if no one knows about it.

Recent trends have shown that SEO strategies will spearhead the future of online marketing. So becoming a local SEO pro is soon going to be a must.

The talk around SEO strategies is often vague and lacks practicality. This is because people don’t focus enough on specific local SEO needs, which is super important. It’s especially true for small business owners, who need to let Google know about where they’re actually located, etc.

They also need the right people to see and notice their service or product.  Local SEO helps these businesses attract attention by standing out in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPS).


Here are 10 quick tips on how to get started with optimizing your local SEO and to help your business stick out among the rest:

1. Put together local pages for all major search engines. This means getting a local business page for the three major search engines: Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Don’t miss any!

She’s not the only one. Don’t forget about Google.

2. Make sure to provide all necessary info on your local search engine page. Provide your business’s phone number and address for all your page listings. This is a must so don’t forget to populate any listings.

All your info please. ALL of it.

3. Make sure this info is also on your website. Don’t forget to put your phone number, hours, and address on your actual website pages as well.

Cuz forgetting is for quitters.

4. Put a map on your location page. This helps people locate where your business is. Make sure it’s on the same page as your address. This is also how Google stores some your most essential information. It’ll help with your rankings as well.

You definitely don’t want any of this.

5. Optimize your page with lots of detail. Specify what your business is actually offering by providing a description that includes lots of locally-specific key words and terms.

Details. ALL of it.

6. Make sure to categorize your page correctly. This means picking out the right categories when the search engine asks you to. This lets them know what your business actually does. Not ticking off a category usually means you won’t be listed on the SERPs.

Pick B).

7. Upload plenty of photos. Try to put up at least 10 photos of your business to increase your local SEO rankings. Visual content is overtaking word-based content and your customers will appreciate your attention to using graphics.

Okay, maybe not like this.

8. Update the contact information on your website. Make sure to have an updated email and, preferably, phone number in you “contact” page or somewhere on your website.

Geettttt itttttt.

9. Collect some good local reviews. Reviews of your service or business on Google and Yelp directly affect your SEO rankings. So make sure to get some positive feedback on these pages. Get in touch with our customers and ask them to review your service. Maybe even include a discount for them in there.

Positive vibes ONLY.

10. Make sure that important locals websites link to your page. This is very important. Get in touch with other organizations through meet-ups or other events and ask them about sponsorship. This will help you gain exposure and help with your rankings.

Get VIP links. This is what a VIP looks like.

These are just a few things to help you get started with sharpening your local SEO strategies.

Local SEO isn’t the same as any average SEO campaign. Local search engine results are changing more quickly these days than ever before.  So honing your local SEO strategies to align with today’s most cutting edge standards is a must when it comes to building your online presence.

You know I’m right.

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