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Niche Market SEO: What Your Website Needs to Get Noticed

When Mainstream Just Ain’t Your Thing Would you say that your business or product doesn’t exactly appeal to the masses? If someone asks you “what do you do?” and your answer is rife with complicated jargon or lengthy explanations that absolutely bore the listener but get you all hot and bothered? If this is you, Continue reading…

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Personas: How Make Believe Can Improve Your SEO

How Do Personas Influence SEO? Starting a marketing campaign from scratch is incredibly labour intensive. While thorough research goes a long a way in determining how you’re going to market your product or service online (from design to pricing to promoting), creating personas are an effective way of cataloguing your research. What Are Personas? A persona Continue reading…

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How Authenticity Boosts Your Local SEO a.k.a. Street Cred

How Local Are You Really? Everyone knows that businesses get hipster brownie points if they can market themselves as local. But being local isn’t just a buzz word. You can brag that your food is locally sourced, your racks are stocked with local brands, and your coffee or beer travelled no further than 100 kilometres to serve Continue reading…

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