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Personal Injury Law Firms SEO: Going After Local Fish With the Right Bait

Do Personal Injury Law Firms Really Need SEO? Whenever you’re seeking clients in a highly competitive marketplace, the answer will always be “YES” You do need SEO. Search engine optimization isn’t some witch’s brew or placebo that’ll magically make a difference if you’re a true believer. SEO is based on search engine indexing and how users Continue reading…

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How Authenticity Boosts Your Local SEO a.k.a. Street Cred

How Local Are You Really? Everyone knows that businesses get hipster brownie points if they can market themselves as local. But being local isn’t just a buzz word. You can brag that your food is locally sourced, your racks are stocked with local brands, and your coffee or beer travelled no further than 100 kilometres to serve Continue reading…

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