No Backlinks? 4 Tips to Earn Links for Your New Blog

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Does Zero Backlinks Mean Zero Ranking?

Whether you’re new to the blogging world or you’re starting all over again, there’s no doubt you’re facing an uphill battle. A well-ranked blog requires more than good writing. It requires consistency, research, and a slew of SEO requirements that seem almost unfair…like backlinks! Are backlinks really that important to have? The short answer is yes, but if you don’t have any backlinks, then don’t let that stop you from starting a blog.

Don’t Buy Backlinks, Earn Them

In the old days, people bought backlinks from disreputable link directories that set up link farms. But this kind of under-the-table fast-tracking is now considered bad form in Google’s eyes. In other words, search engines will penalize you for paying for them. Want to know the difference between a disreputable link directory and a spammy one? Click here.

If you’re a reputable blog, you don’t want spammy backlinks anyway. It’ll affect your authenticity. If you’re writing a blog about yoga, a backlink from a health retreat is way more valuable to you than if it linked back from “Uncle Pete’s Truck Repair and Link Directory.”

Behold! Here are 4 tips to help you earn backlinks for your new blog.

Buying backlinks are weak
You Are the Weakest (Back)link…Goodbye

#1: Optimize Your Site and Blog Content

Writing really good content on a poorly optimized blog is kind of like taking one step forward and two steps back. If you don’t have any backlinks and your site doesn’t have an SEO strategy, it’ll be next to impossible to ranked. When you’re just starting out, you want to make it as easy as possible to be found, and that means making sure your website follows current SEO guidelines. If you want to give your blog a fighting chance but your site needs help, consider hiring a professional SEO firm (like this guy) to whip it into shape.

Your website should have a proper SEO strategy

#2: Write Guest Blogs

It’s about time you learn something about building your link network. If you want someone to scratch your back, you need to scratch theirs. In other words, don’t be surprised by how much free writing you might have to take on. If your blog is new, then there’s probably no better way to show your authority and let the world know you exist by offering to write a blog post for free. In exchange for the free words, your picture, bio, and website (the very thing you’re after), will be shown on an authoritative website that potential clients will see. It’s the perfect exchange. If you continue to do, your website will start showing up on the map as a reputable source.

Let's Let Our Guest Do It

#3: Build Links Through Testimonials and Comments

Get noticed by giving your opinion. If you’re an expert, which you should be, you don’t necessarily have to always write a post. Try writing testimonials or comments in exchange for backlinking. Don’t be afraid to test out a product or service that relates to your blog and getting in contact with the company. People love to show off their testimonials, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to agree on that mutually beneficial exchange.

Show your expertise by leaving comments on a blog. But be careful not to sell yourself too much. The main focus of your comment should be about the blog post and not you. Of course, explaining your credentials is a must, but don’t let that take over your comment.



#4: Link to other Websites and Blogs

Sometimes showing your expertise has nothing to do about what you know, but more about who you know. In other words, if you want like-minded bloggers to backlink to you, you will have to return the favour. Relationship-building is a two-way street. Therefore, illustrating your awareness of others in the industry gives you a better authenticity and better guarantees that you’ll earn backlinks in the future.

Scratch their back and they'll scratch yours
Scratch their back and they’ll scratch yours

While we’ve only some basics,  there are a lot more ways to earn backlinks. If you want to know more about backlinking for your new blog site, then maybe give this article a spin. The most important thing to realize is that if you don’t write consistently high-quality blogs, you won’t earn backlinks. Without proper optimization, no one will see your blog. That kind of defeats the purpose, right? If you’re at that stage, you need some serious SEO help. Contact Awkward Media today to go over your SEO strategy and start getting ranked!

Published by Genevieve Morrison